Legal translations

Legal translations

Legal translations – accuracy, convenience and guarantees.


In order to leave a request, you do not need to search for the address in the navigator and lose time on the way to the office.

You can contact us online using instant messengers, on the pages of social networks or order a call on the phone number listed on the site. Within half an hour, the customer service manager will definitely answer you.

He will be your project coordinator.

All negotiations to clarify the nuances will be held at a time convenient for you in the most comfortable way.

If there is no possibility or desire to communicate by phone, the manager will answer all your questions in writing to the contact you specify.


You coordinate all the details of the project with the curator. The volume of work, timing and cost are specified in detail. Our manager will also explain how to work with the Cat-tools program, and why it is convenient for both parties.

Programs for working with translation, such as MemoQ, Memsource, WordFast and others, are very helpful in the process of processing a document. This is beneficial for both text manipulation and wallet.

Thanks to the translation memory, you can be sure that the legal terms are strictly consistent with the glossary.

Also, the Cat-tools program allows you to create a single style of all the same type of projects, substituting the necessary words from previously saved works.


There is an opinion that there is no difference. That a document can be translated in the same way as a fiction or marketing text. But this is not so. The complexity of legal topics is comparable to medical.

In terminology, there are words that only a narrowly specialized specialist will understand. Therefore, we have translators with legal education who know exactly the specifics of the business style.

Work on a legal text is rather complicated and responsible. The slightest inaccuracy in translation will inevitably lead to legal problems.

The specificity of the language creates difficulties; even an experienced linguist is confused when he encounters a word with several variants of meanings. If in a plain text free translation is permissible, then for documents this is unacceptable.


Exactly. In both areas there are words that can be translated into another language only by a narrow specialist. And the point is not that an ordinary linguist knows his job poorly.

The problem is with specific terms and abbreviations that are important to know. Therefore, medical documents are trusted only by translators with the appropriate education.

If for a layman the terms infusion and injection are equivalent, then in the documentation such a free translation can lead to terrible consequences for health.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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