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Olderni Gambling License

January 29, 2020

A business operates illegally if its owner does not have the online casino licenses required for a certain type of activity. Gambling is no exception, and a special permit is required for the official operation of the casino.

You can purchase such a license from Eternity Law International. We are in regular contact with Alderney where such a document is provided. The specialists of our company will provide you with comprehensive information, help you open a gambling establishment and acquire all the necessary certificates. Call us for a free consultation.

What is a gaming license? Who needs it and when?

The organization of a gambling business implies licensing, as this guarantees the reliability and transparency of the company’s activities. Connoisseurs of gambling only pay attention to official casinos and online casinos. Business owners must provide photographs of the licenses and publish them on their website page.

The executive and tax authorities check the availability of the document first. If the company is unable to provide it, it will be closed. After all, the absence of such a paper indicates the illegality of the activities of such a company.

Casino license: procedure

To become a license holder, you must comply with the requirements in force in the state where you plan to obtain a permit. The peculiarities of the procedure in different countries differ from each other.

You will also need to collect documentation:

  • founder’s passport;
  • a certificate of the presence of experience in the gaming field;
  • constituent documentation;
  • admission to the creation of a company;
  • a certificate of the presence of a bank account.

Olderni Licenses

A noticeable advantage of a gambling license issued in Alderney is the insignificant taxation on business income, a detailed list of required documentation and the speed of application processing.

Licensing of slot machines

Permission to implement gaming software and conduct business is issued by the commission. It happened after positive results are obtained of expert analysis.

Also, the jurisdiction monitors the functioning of the site, which is possible if all the conditions are provided. The Commission not only controls the quality and functioning of slot games, but also the chronology of payouts.

It should be noted that not only residents can count on the licensing of slot slots in the country. But there is a nuance – the company requires official registration.

If the firm has other licenses and certifications with it. Then this will serve as an additional advantage for licensing in Olderni.

Casino licensing

It’s easier to open your own casino in Alderney than in other countries. Here, do not forget about the types of gambling, as they will require different permissions.

So, to become a founder of a casino in the country, you will need to obtain several certificates – one for each type of game.

The speed of registration of a license takes from a quarter to six months This does not include time for preparation of documentation, registration and consideration of the application. Not to mention the fact that documents can be returned for revision or correction. You also need to get legal support. The specialist must have relevant experience in this area.

Lottery licensing

Here you will need to issue the same license as for slot machines. This is due to the fact that lotteries work on the basis of the generation of random numbers. This is beneficial for the entrepreneur, since only one package of documents will need to be sent.

Bookmaker Licensing

A gambling license is granted to bookmakers when a company is officially registered as a gambling company in any jurisdiction. Or, if the company can provide evidence of transparency, since bookmaking is directly related to betting and sports betting.

Therefore, non-compliance with the law is a good reason for refusing to grant licensing.

Bingo licensing

Bingo is a type of lottery game. The permit will be supervised by professional lawyers who will ensure that the required documentation is collected and sent to the required authorities.

Licensing in Olderni: Procedure

Requirements for registration of a license:

  • creation of a functioning Internet resource;
  • site structure with methods of depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • access to the expertise of the Internet resource;
  • sending documents containing articles of association and income information;
  • recommendation from legal entities and banking organizations;
  • providing a business plan.

O. Olderni is an autonomous state that is part of Great Britain. The granting of licenses is carried out in accordance with the law, therefore, companies registered in its territory are obliged to follow the laws of the country.

Licensing at Eternity Law International

Anyone can purchase a gambling license with the support of Eternity Law International. Our experts will provide comprehensive advice and help you go through all the stages of licensing in Alderney. We guarantee efficiency and quality of work.

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