ISO 22301: Business Continuity

If an emergency occurs in the company, it is necessary to be able to reduce damage amount and continue activities. ISO 22301 is designed to help companies preventing emergencies, be prepared for incidents, react quickly and recover. It is a practical basis for creating and managing continuity quality. ISO 22301 protects commercials from a myriad of threats and disruptions.

Today, a highly competitive business environment can pose many risks for business development and scaling. New companies entering the federal or international level are attracting more and more attention, including cybercriminals. In addition to attackers, other factors can affect business continuity. This act is suitable for a company if it is required to show interested parties that the company can quickly overcome operational problems to ensure uninterrupted and quality service.

What is confirmed by ISO 22301 certificate?

Enterprises implemented ISO 22301 and successfully passed the certification procedure can demonstrate to all stakeholders (partners, government agencies, consumers, auditors) their commitment to commercial continuity methods.

ISO 22301 is applicable to firms engaged in various types of biz. Private and public firms with a large or small employee’s number may pass certificate. The standard will be relevant both for the courier delivery service and for enterprises providing energy sources to whole regions.

Business Continuity Benefits

Implemented correctly, business continuity management reduces likelihood of occurrence. If such a thing occurs, then a firm will be ready to respond to it accordingly, thereby significantly reducing the damage.

  • The varied needs of customers, shareholders and workers are addressed in a timely manner through risk assessment.
  • Reduces downtime against any threat.
  • In this case, the recovery time is included.
  • Thus, labor, time and financial benefits are obtained, costs are reduced, and the financial results of the firm are increased.
  • Increases firm productivity.
  • The company continues to provide emergency assistance under threat.
  • Company reputation, brand value and reputation enhancement.
  • Strengthens his arm in competition.
  • The company’s supply chain becomes more secure.
  • Legal requests are met.
  • Create new opportunities and gain customer trust.

Your organization will be able to restore normal work as quickly as possible in the event of a force majeure or crisis situation. The ISO 22301 standard guarantees uninterrupted work, the perfection of the management system, the availability of modern scientific technologies, etc., which works for the company’s image and will allow it to reach a completely new level.

ISO 22301 Studying Courses

It is possible to conduct internal personnel training on realizing and internal audit of systems in accordance with this act. This will make it possible getting certification faster and always conform standard demands.

In addition to obtaining international certification, you can also view offers in categories  ready-made companies and licenses for sale.

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