Company registration in Australia

Australia is a state whose operating principle can be defined as offshore. In this jurisdiction, the most favorable conditions have been created for creating a business and its effective development. Foreign entrepreneurs are especially interested in the Australian coastline as this country is attractive in terms of investment. The Australian government is working hard to safeguard the contributions of foreign partners and improve protection mechanisms for the data of founders and shareholders. In Australia, it is quite legal to minimize tax liabilities, which makes it similar to an offshore.

This jurisdiction allows the creation of companies in the form of private representations, associations and various partnerships. These options are more suitable for small businesses. For larger-scale activities, it is better to choose joint stock companies of open and closed type with one way or another way of bearing responsibility by participants:

  • an organization with no liability limitations and with capital that is divided into shares;
  • company with limited liability depending on the size of the shares of the participants. Such a firm can buy real estate, it must include at least 1 director. There are no capital requirements.

The Australian registry is open.

Company formation in Australia

Opening a company in the Australian jurisdiction means getting the opportunity to do business in the state. The creation of a branch of a foreign organization – the Australian branch – allows you to work absolutely legally. Such a company is obliged to do the following:

  • register with the tax authorities. Some types of activities require a license permit;
  • keep accounting records and submit all the necessary reporting annually exactly on time, which is prescribed in the legislative acts;
  • issue an insurance policy for each employee;
  • keep minutes during each meeting of shareholders and directors.

Every legal entity in Australia must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The registration procedure takes about a week. To fully establish a company in the Australian jurisdiction, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate statement, Statute, confirmation of the approval of the name of the company. The entire registration package is certified by an apostille.

If a non-resident company does not do business within Australia, it is not required to pay any tax fees. VAT – 10%.

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