Italy gambling license

A license is a document, the presence of which gives the right to conduct any activity: construction, accounting or gambling. Licensing of gambling in Italy is compulsory. Without the presence of such a document, the functioning of the business will be in question and may be criminally punishable.

Issuance of permits for gambling business is a separate topic for consideration, since gambling is prohibited in many countries. Accordingly, those who wish to become the owner of a document giving the right to open a casino should first find out in which countries gambling is allowed.

Today there is a solution for those who wish to do gambling business – obtaining a special license for an online casino.

Employees of Eternity Law International will help you quickly get a permit for an online casino in Italy, as well as purchase a ready-made licensed online casino. For many years, our company has been engaged in a thorough study of all issues related to the registration of a “gambling” business, and has already received more than 40 licenses in various jurisdictions.

Issuance of licenses – basic provisions

Gambling business is quite developed in the regions where local authorities have not imposed a ban on it. These are offshore zones, which are free from large taxes. Among them: The Man Island, Curasao, Kanavake, Alderney, etc. The local government encourages the operation of casinos, since earnings from registration fees go to the country’s budget.


  • you can engage in international activities;
  • enter the European market;
  • to strengthen the market business reputation;
  • get an EU registration number;
  • cooperate with reputable foreign companies;
  • have the right to work, without paying taxes and drawing up regular reports for the commission-controller.

In order to obtain a license for a casino, you must comply with all legal rules, and in return receive guaranteed reliability and safety of business.

Licenses in Italy are issued by the AAGM (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) Commission. It not only registers gambling companies, but also controls and regulates gambling activities. The commission identifies illegal casinos, and law enforcement agencies stop their work, having every reason to initiate a criminal case.

For violation of the law, the licensee is threatened with withdrawal of the license or temporary termination of its validity.

AAGM considers it its duty to protect gamers from cheating, lack of payments (winnings), scammers, unscrupulous operators.

Licenses that can be obtained

  1. Licenses to operate gambling (+ online mode).
  2. Licenses for online lotteries (issued to the founder).
  3. Licenses for accepting bets (aqua sport / horse racing).

Requirements for licenses in Italy:

  • The license is valid for 9 years;
  • The price of the document is a quarter of a million euros (excluding VAT), payable upon obtaining a license;
  • An applicant for a license for an Internet casino is any entrepreneur operating in the EU countries (+ Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein);
  • EU representatives are eligible for an Italian license, however, businesses have the right to register in any country;
  • An Internet casino that has an appropriate Italian gambling license can provide services to users of the state with a registered resource and an “.it” domain;
  • The Commission strictly monitors the operation of Italian casinos (their services should not extend to foreign companies (“.com” -domen);
  • The servers can be located on the territory of the country, as well as in other EU countries (the condition is connection with the “site” of the AAGM commission for online control).

Violation of the online casino operating procedure established by the AAHM may result in fines (up to 5 thousand euros) or arrest (up to a year).

The main thing

  1. Obligatory payment of commissions to the bank (one and a half million euros).
  2. The software must be tested to establish the level of innovation of the online casino.


  1. Single (20% of the total profit) for operators of online casinos, bookmakers of internet establishments, owners of gambling houses who practice exchange rates, poker rooms (including games in the ring).
  2. Sales tax.

Amount of gaming duties on bets:

  • Sports – about three and a half%;
  • Horse racing – ten%;
  • Slot machines – three%;
  • Bingo Lotto – eleven and a half%;


  • timely renewal of the license for the Internet casino;
  • availability of certificates for all existing and functioning games and programs on the site;
  • launching new online establishments, registering them with AAHM and issuing permits for each of them.


  1. Charter of the company + decision of the founding council on the appointment of managers (copy).
  2. Company name certificate (copy).
  3. Scanned copies of passports of the company’s employees.
  4. Certificate of creation and functioning of the website with the assigned name (copy).
  5. Documents confirming the presence of an office, rent payment + receipts for utility bills (copies).
  6. Agreements and contracts with partner companies, including all information about them (copies), as well as registration documents of these companies (copies).
  7. Application – the original for the issuance of an online casino license.
  8. A bank certificate confirming the existence of a current account with funds.
  9. Letters – recommendations from financial companies confirming that the founder is wealthy enough to own a gaming establishment.
  10. Description and characteristics of the software on the game resource.

Business plan describes

  • the type of game platform (mentions the manufacturer, operating principles, payment services, etc.);
  • all “games” (author, name, game process; guarantee for transparency of payments);
  • financial potential (expenses-income);
  • characteristics of payment programs, their quality, money transfer guarantees.


The AAGM Gambling Commission strictly adheres to the principles to ensure the safety of gamers, preventing the leakage of finances outside Italy. The experts of Eternity Law International will help you in obtaining the appropriate license.


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