Development of Fintech applications and services

Fintech (or financial technologies) is the sphere of activity of banks and financial companies that apply innovative developments in their work, and cooperation of technology companies with traditional financial institutions. This type of cooperation and modernization is aimed primarily at maintaining competitiveness and advantages over other participants in the financial environment.

Interest in fintech products appeared in 2014, when banks began to develop their own applications, improve traditional services and develop mobile services. Today, almost all consumers of banking services use financial applications. Along with this, new fintech projects began to appear, carrying fresh ideas. These startups worked an order of magnitude faster than conservative bankers work and were not afraid to implement experimental ideas with money, than they were more involved in interacting with the people. Thus, the market for financial and technological services and applications, in particular, mobile, began to grow and develop.

Business representatives think that new technology projects can become a substitute for financial institutions. The opinion of economists nevertheless agrees that this is not the case, since startups do not plan to provide lending services. It will be possible to win the attention and preference of people from these market participants, rather, because they will enter into more partnership agreements.

Entering into a partnership between two areas that were previously independent of each other is indeed mutually beneficial. Bankers and financiers can provide access to large capital and know how to work in an area that is strictly regulated by law. However, it is precisely for this reason that it is not so easy for them to quickly test innovative solutions and launch them. High-tech organizations, in turn, need access to the same customer base, and are ready to offer in return their experience and professional ability to develop and implement services that have additional value for users.

Fintech applications that will interest customers

Any bank or financial institution should think about developing web and mobile applications aimed at the B2C audience. This will help create a positive user experience. If you cannot keep the client with standard applications and you need to use something more modern, then these applications can be made technological by adding some options to them.

Applications to help keep track of finances:

  • cost accounting with built-in tips and advice on how you can save money;
  • control and management of personal funds with the ability to learn more about how to save finances;
  • analysis of user financial behavior and personalized advice;
  • services of a smart digital piggy bank with convenient settings and support for transferring funds to a deposit.

Investment applications:

  • digital robotic assistant for portfolio diversification and investment;
  • services for asset management using technologies based on artificial intelligence;
  • automatic copy-trading;
  • a system of tracking and notifications regarding changes in prices for cryptocurrencies, stocks and currencies.

Applications supporting lending services:

  • providing automated credit assessment based on AI;
  • issuance of microloans in automatic mode through the use of artificial intelligence;
  • P2P lending between users;
  • reducing the time allotted for the loan processing procedure using a chat bot.

Applications for payments and money transfers:

  • a web wallet or mobile wallet that supports electronic money and cryptocurrencies;
  • support for auto payments (irregular or regular at the user’s discretion);
  • assessment of the risks of a particular transaction;
  • division of a monetary transaction into several recipients.

Corporative clients

Financial applications are needed not only for individuals, but also for legal entities. Their needs are mostly similar, but companies are still more interested in improving employee productivity, improving accounting and automating work processes. Thus, technological functions can be added to traditional B2B programs.

Professional services for the development of fintech applications

The success of your project depends entirely on the choice of a worthy developer company. In order to calculate the exact cost of the project and the time required for development, you must first draw up terms of reference. TR includes an estimate of the number of hours that will be spent on all stages of work, and the calculation of the total cost. Typically, this process is as follows:

  • formation of terms of reference;
  • agreement of conditions with the client;
  • project development;
  • conducting internal testing;
  • handing over the product to the customer.

An important role, in addition to the competent preparation of the technical specification, is also the observance of the deadlines, since this is a complex procedure consisting of several stages. If the deadline for one of the stages is postponed, the rest will also move. When turning to freelancers, you may face constant postponements of deadlines, which threatens to stretch the project endlessly. Moreover, this, in turn, will affect the loss of profits, the release of a low-quality product and, and not completing the project.

Only professionals can be entrusted with such a thing. Our experts are guaranteed to create a quality product that can withstand any stress and meet safety standards. At the same time, we transfer the development to the client exactly on time.

Latest fintech trends

In addition to technologies that modernize conventional money, other areas are rapidly developing. Today’s consumers, like your potential customers, are interested in them.


  • Blockchain. Blockchain is now necessary for any business structure. Blockchain-based applications are based on the principles of distribution and decentralization, they are secure and transparent. You can order blockchain development from us in order to join the new technology quickly.
  • Tokens, IEO, ICO, coins. Cryptocurrencies have forever changed the foreign exchange market and gained the recognition of progressive businesspersons. A significant share of investment now falls on digital assets. In addition, new cryptocurrencies are constantly emerging. Of course, it is very difficult to displace Ethereum and Bitcoin from their positions, but it is possible to bring your crypto coin forward. You can order the release of your personal cryptocurrency from us.
  • Trade in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading is another area through which you can expand the scope of your activity. You can order the creation of an exchanger or cryptocurrency exchange from us.

Fiat funds

  • Electronic money. Those actively involved in e-commerce are constantly looking for new ways to pay. Online storeowners are looking for new options for accepting payments, and customers, in turn, want a convenient electronic wallet that would support fast payments and transfers. You will be able to satisfy the needs of both those and others, as well as get your profit from the commission, if you place an order with us for the development of an electronic payment system.
  • Mobile banking. Users who have a card and a bank account want to manage their funds through the phone, which is very convenient. Customers need these modern banking solutions. You can fulfill their wishes by ordering a mobile banking system.

Fast development of a fintech application

In the current banking and financial market, one of the main elements of survival and competitiveness is the ability to quickly change and almost instantly introduce new technologies aimed at meeting the needs of the target audience. This is precisely what our experience and the professionalism of our specialists, from whom you can order fintech development, contribute.

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