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PSP license in Switzerland

November 27, 2023

Switzerland is one of the most prestigious and profitable jurisdictions for establishing and developing a business. To open a payment institution in Switzerland, you must obtain a special PSP-license from the regulatory authorities. The financial industry regulator in this jurisdiction is FINMA. It is important to understand that licensing a business in Switzerland has many nuances, and it is important to adhere to all local legal points regarding providing services to this or that citizen.

Our company is ready to provide you with professional, qualified assistance in launching and licensing your business project. We have enormous experience and extensive knowledge, which helps us achieve only the best results. Interested investors are also offered a list of ready-made companies and licenses for sale, particularly, PSP in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and other countries.

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Getting a PSP-license in Switzerland

Licensing of a registered firm providing payment-related service range in this country is regulated by the Financial Market Infrastructure Law. When checking applications for a license, the regulator assesses the sustainability of the enterprise, looks at the experience, qualifications and availability of funds for business-project development.

The main obstacle to opening a payment organization in the country is the Swiss Banking Law, which applies to banking institutions. According to it, a bank is a person who professionally accepts deposits. In this case, the contribution is obligations to clients, unless exceptions apply to the firm.

Applying to FINMA for a PSP-license: basic requirement list and general procedure

The application is submitted directly to FINMA. It is imperative to comply with legal requirement points regarding banking activities, anti-money laundering, etc. All such organizations are needed to hire at least 1 director-resident. The regulator may also set additional rules that must be followed.

The main documents that must be submitted to the regulatory authorities in order to get a PSP-license in Switzerland are the following:

  • firm’s Statute;
  • a detailed business-plan for at least 3 years;
  • data on the structure of the enterprise;
  • risk management measures;
  • plan to combat money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • methods for solving financial problems;
  • details of the company’s account in one of the local banking institutions;
  • local physical office address.

Advantages of launching PSP in Switzerland

  1. Reputation on world markets.
  2. Ease of entry into the European market space.
  3. Stable economic situation and currency.
  4. There are no exchange controls.
  5. Excellent infrastructure.
  6. No double taxes.
  7. Acceptable tax rates.

How much does a PSP-license cost in Switzerland?

The cost of getting a PSP-license for companies in Switzerland depends on many factors: type of firm, start-up capital, number of employees, etc. The exact price is calculated individually for each of our clients. Our company’s lawyers will provide an accurate estimated price, including all additional services, immediately before the start of cooperation.

What is included in our service range

Our specialized team has been working in the field of licensing payment institutions for many years and offers full support at all stages of registering a firm and obtaining work permits.

  1. A full package of services in any global jurisdiction.
  2. Collection and completion of all paperwork required by regulatory authorities.
  3. Additional permissions if required.
  4. Resolving all issues with the regulator at each stage of obtaining a license.
  5. Opening a corporate bank account in a Swiss bank.
  6. Connection of payment systems.
  7. Ready-made companies for sale in Switzerland and other countries, in particular PSP in Estonia, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, etc.
  8. Constant consultations on all issues of interest.

Experienced experts know how to quickly and with minimal investment obtain permission to conduct business-activities anywhere in the world.

Our advantages

We’ve been working in the financial market for a very long time and help to register and license companies in Switzerland and other countries quickly and efficiently. The specialists of our team are lawyers, accountants and managers who know their stuff, who are completely dedicated to their work and have the goal of helping the client achieve a positive decision from the regulator as quickly and profitably as possible.

  1. Many years of expertise and professionalism.
  2. Excellent reputation.
  3. Lots of positive reviews.
  4. Large selection of corporate services.
  5. Work in any country.
  6. Full support and individual approach.

We always try to keep up with the times and help you get a PSP-company license as quickly as possible so that you can work and achieve success.

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