Company registration in Nauru

Nauru is the smallest autonomous republic in the world. It is an insular country outside Europe. For entrepreneurs, Nauru is of particular interest, since in this jurisdiction it is possible to register an offshore company, which means a complete absence of tax charges.

Organizational forms for companies in Nauru

An offshore company in Nauru is created in the form of an International (or International) Business Company called IBC.

Features and conditions for starting a business in Nauru

  • The company has the right to operate in any industry that is not prohibited by the laws of Nauru. Some areas require a separate license.
  • An offshore company registered in the jurisdiction of Nauru is not allowed to enter into commercial relations with residents and to acquire real estate. In addition, resident companies do not have the right to manage an offshore company or take part in management.
  • The registration process takes about 2 business days.
  • It is necessary to choose a unique name for the company. The name can be registered in any language, however, an English translation is required.
  • To register a company, you need to provide a Statute and a Memorandum.
  • The firm is required to have a legal address within Nauru.
  • There are no officially prescribed thresholds for capital. It is recommended to create capital in the amount of $ 1,000.
  • The company is allowed to issue registered shares and securities with par value.
  • There are no residency requirements for shareholders and directors.
  • The company can only be managed by 1 director (minimum). He is the administrator of all rights contained in the company’s records and relied on by law.
  • Shareholders meetings can be organized in any country in the world, or they can be held by video (telephone)
  • Third parties do not have access to information regarding shareholders and directors or company operations.
  • Constituent documents can be stored anywhere.
  • The company is allowed to create an unlimited number of accounts.

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