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AEMI license in Poland

February 17, 2023

AEMI is registered in Poland and has the right to offer interested consumers a general range of all or a certain narrow list of payment-services, particularly, those related to e-money. An organization having such a permit as AEMI license in Poland has rights to spread its services both in this state and in other EEA countries, operating as a branch, through an agent or as part of a cross-border activity.

To obtain AEMI license in Poland, enterprises must obtain permission and must be entered in the Register of Payment-Services Providers maintained by Polish Supervision Division.

Services covered by authorized e-money license in Poland

Once ready-made AEMI license in Poland has been obtained, establishment will be entitled to act as a provider of services described in relevant Payment Law. If your organization decided to offer e-money services, first you need to notify the PFSA. And besides that, also:

  • submit application for set data on release of e-money into register;
  • complement the program of operations and financial plan with data on projected average-value of e-money remaining in circulation during the remaining period covered by the program (information is required in programs of activities and financial plans for subsequent periods if the period covered by the program of activities and financial plan, already passed);
  • submit application for authorization of payment-services as an internal payment to establishment.

As our experience in getting authorized e-money institution license in Poland shows, the distinction in commercial models and technological solutions between e-money issuance is blurring. It’s very important to properly qualify the proposed activity prior to submitting an application to the PFSA. Thus, one of the best choices will be to buy a company with AEMI license in Poland.

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Requirements for AEMI license in Poland

The procedure to get AEMI license in Poland is a rather complicated process, after which the applicant is granted permission or consent to the extent requested. Many people think that this is a long-term procedure and try to avoid it whenever possible. Sometimes, in order to avoid this process, requests are submitted to the supervisory authority to obtain an opinion on whether the proposed activity is covered by permission/consent of the Polish Supervision Division or registration in the relevant register. And the raising of general questions about the licensing of domestic payment organizations indicates ignorance of basic norms in this regard. 

All applications for AEMI license in Poland for sale needed to be sent in writing. Along with application, you must also give:

  • up-to-date data on number of entries in Court Register;
  • Statute;
  • a list of activities and a financing plan for a period of at least three years (the year of application is not included here);
  • documents that confirm the possibility of self-financing.

When considering the application for AEMI in Poland for sale, it is checked by the commission. The application must be filled out strictly according to the model so that there are no additional questions. If the commission did not like something, then the applicant has a week, from the moment of getting notification, to make changes. If any data has changed in documents attached to it, then applicants must notify PFSA as soon as possible and provide all updated documentation.We are ready to help you buy authorized e-money institution in Poland, saving you the hassle. Contact us right now and our specialists will answer all your questions. We also have an extensive list of ready-made companies and sales licenses – the best solutions for a quick and efficient commercial start.

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AEMI is registered in Poland and has the right to offer interested consumers a general range of all or a certain narrow list of payment-services, particularly, those related to e-money. An organization having such a permit as AEMI license in Poland has rights to spread its services both in this state and in other EEA...

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