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ISO 50001: Energy Management

September 7, 2021

Energy consumption is a key metric for companies. Energy savings mean lower operating costs. Energy consumption also means reducing emissions and taking greater care of natural resources. These actions are highly significant for organizations seeking to follow and promote environmental management. Energy-intensive industries and other industries can significantly improve the energy efficiency of energy consumers by optimizing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy.

This normative act may be applied by any enterprise, regardless of its organizational form, field of activity, location. Both large holdings and representatives of small businesses develop management mechanism for it. The whole secret is that ISO 50001 contains very flexible demands, recommendations and principles, so the EMS is always unique. First, the certificate for it is relevant for the following areas of activity:

  • metal processing;
  • mining and processing of minerals;
  • housing and communal services;
  • transport services;
  • production of various products.

Standard certification is practiced for institutions and organizations in the social and cultural sphere, but production and industry remain leaders in global statistics.

Reliable Solution

The energy management system ensures continuous improvement in the areas of quality, safety and environmental protection. This concept is currently being applied to improve the types of energy consumers. ISO 50001 requests may be described as follows.

  • Establishing an energy policy with specific targets for improving energy efficiency.
  • Establishing an energy baseline, identifying critical areas and understanding the elements that affect energy use.
  • Periodic forecasting of energy consumption, contributing to a clear picture for planning investments and improvements.
  • Analysis of energy consumption during decision-making for the design and procurement of equipment, raw materials or services.

ISO 50001 is optional – each company decides on its own. If you still go through this procedure, then you can get a useful effect. The main task of meeting the requirements of the standard is optimizing energy consumption, which has a beneficial effect on company itself and on the environment. In addition, the certificate confirms this officially, so it helps to get some benefits:

  • create and confirm the image of a company (brand) that cares about the environment and its consumers;
  • attract progressive private investors or get government support via specialized events;
  • to interest new consumers with existing EMS, who trust suppliers with a certificate.

Stages of Implementation of ISO 50001 Model

  1. Assessment visit: a preliminary diagnostic audit that allows you to determine the degree of readiness for certification and increase the likelihood of its successful completion. The EMS requires control of two types of information – documents describing the system, and records that contain information about the functioning of the system.
  2. Determination of the area of ​​distribution of EMS. An area can include buildings and structures, sites, workshops, or a combination of these.
  3. Creation of a working group, which should include representatives of the enterprise manager responsible for energy consumption, representatives of production departments and the environmental service.
  4. Training of managers of the enterprise and production units, correction of job descriptions in the field of EMS.
  5. On-site certification audit, during which the auditor analyzes the data and practices of the organization in the framework of certification.
  6. The auditor summarizes the results of the audit, followed by the preparation of the report for the organization.
  7. Registration and delivery of a certificate valid for 3 years.
  8. Inspection and re-certification audits: to maintain the validity of the certificate, an inspection audit of the system is carried out annually, and every three years a re-certification audit is carried out to constantly monitor the effect of the implementation of the EMS.

Resource control is a global challenge facing humanity. One of the tools to solve it is ISO 50001 standard, which in long run will help regulate more than half of the energy resources used in the world. Be one step ahead, be leaders.

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