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SEMI license in Luxembourg

February 6, 2024

The country needs enterprises dealing with payments to get officially-approved permits from local regulator – CSSF. As EU member, this country puts forward this regulative parameter based on the legislation on e-money regulation since 2011 and regulation 1781/2006; it implies that licensees need to follow directives and regulative norms in field of prevention of illegal monetary means circulation. Correspondence with rules and standards of directive and anti illegal monetary means circulation provisions means combating money laundering and terrorist financing, strictly monitoring transactions with full supervision, and ensuring a high standard of services spreaded and security of assets, bearing in mind the interests of EU citizens.

Our team is highly qualified professionals in field of establishing and licensing commercial organizations. We offer qualified support in getting SEMI-licenses in Czech, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and others. Our team gives interested entrepreneurs the option of a ready-made SEMI license in Luxembourg for sale.

To obtain a SEMI license in Luxembourg, e-money issuing firms and operators (incl. merchant accounts and wallets) are needed to establish an organization in Luxembourg with head office and an average capital of approx 350 thousand EUR. Attractive and convenient option for e-money business-activities is the use of a SICAR in the form of a SeCS, a limited partnership similar to an LLC. A foreign, offshore company with nominal shareholders and directors can act as a partner.

Conditions for getting SEMI license in Luxembourg

Firms need to hire minimum of 3 directors, one of whom must be a resident of Luxembourg (an individual), while the others can be either non-residents or legal entities.

  1. Opening an account in a local bank for transactions.
  2. Accounting is required.
  3. The number of shareholders can be minimal – from one (most often these are beneficiaries in traditional structures).
  4. You will need to hire employees and rent actual office space.
  5. A license is issued to a company after paying a fee and submitting a complete set of documents to the regulatory body.

Average consideration time in terms of the option to obtain SEMI license in Luxembourg is up to a year. It is recommended to seek specialist support to minimize the chances of negative results.

Benefits of SEMI license in Luxembourg

  1. Wide access to EU market-space: Luxembourg, as part of the European Union, provides licensees with possibilities to conduct business-deals in EU-countries without additional permits.
  2. Financial Center: Luxembourg has gained a reputation as a financial center with excellent performance and reliable image, which attracts investors and companies.
  3. Global connections: the excellent location in the central part of Europe automatically makes this country a kind of bridge between EU markets and rest of global space, making it easier to carry out different transactions.
  4. The jurisdiction prides itself on steady economic basis and adherence to international normative points and rules.

We possess the variant for sale of a small electronic money issuer license in Luxembourg as a ready-made business. Our company also provides full professional assistance in the acquisition of SEMI-licenses in Malta, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia and others.

Phases of getting a small electronic money issuer license in Luxembourg

  1. At the beginning of the process of opportunity to get a SEMI license in Luxembourg, it’s important to understand to strictly comply with all established regulatory requirements, improve the model for future functioning of company and guarantee that mandatory preconditions are met, including official establishment of the company and opening a bank account.
  2. The next step is to prepare and submit a perfectly-described application to the CSSF including information about the enterprise, capital, bank account, financial steadiness and correspondence measures.
  3. Submission of an application is followed by a painstaking review of documentation by the regulator, including an assessment of your organization’s compliance with safety standards and correspondence procedures.
  4. Upon successful completion of the documentary verification stage and fully-covering correspondence with regulative norms and standards, you get SEMI and payment system license. This gives you the right to operate in the Luxembourg market and throughout the European Union.

A legal entity registered in the specified organizational and legal form receives the right to issue e-money, acting as an issuer. The term “issuer” was designed by the Council of Europe and received the support of most allied countries.

If you decide to get a SEMI license in Luxembourg, you should realize that the permit holder operates on the basis of the use of its own virtual currency, which gives it the right to exchange this currency with clients and business partners, as well as to accept ordinary financial resources in return. Counterparties who have received the issuer’s currency can interact with other clients and partners who also accept this type of e-money. Operator undertakes to accept its virtual currency and exchange it for real monetary assets at client’s request at any time.

Process of issuing funds

  1. The client passes real monetary means to the issuer’s account.
  2. The currency manufacturing company exchanges e-monetary means at established rate, after which e-money appears on the client’s account.
  3. The user spends the funds received on purchasing of goods and services in places where such currency is accepted.
  4. Merchants who have received payment make settlements with other partners and suppliers.
  5. Suppliers exchange e-money for really-existing money, passing it to issuer.

Although this scheme may seem complex, in practice it is no more complex than the circulation of traditional funds.

Getting a ready-made SEMI license in Luxembourg for sale will help you save a lot of time when starting your own business.

Our advantages

To establish a firm and get a small electronic money issuer license in Luxembourg you must provide certain documents, which depend on the chosen form of business. Typically, this includes a notarized deed of incorporation, articles of association, and a resolution appointing general directors. Additionally, a certificate from the selected bank may be required confirming the presence of the paid-up company’s initial capital.

If a company is registered in Luxembourg, our specialists can provide support in the process of submitting documents and completing all formalities.

  1. Our team has expert knowledge and experience in field of licensing in Luxembourg, giving a high level of competence.
  2. We develop unique strategies tailored to each client and their business model to achieve ideal results.
  3. Thanks to our experience and professional connections, our experts ensure that Luxembourg SEMI licensed company are obtained quickly and efficiently.
  4. We provide full support at every stage, from the preparation of documents to the successful completion of the licensing process, minimizing difficulties for clients.

We offer Luxembourg SEMI licensed company for sale with perfect purchasing conditions. Our impeccable reputation as a trusted licensing partner ensures clients that all aspects of the process are carried out legally and to a high professional standard. We guarantee comprehensive assistance in obtaining SEMI-licenses in Cyprus, Sweden, Denmark and others.

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