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Forex license in Japan

March 28, 2023

Most firms offering financial services are needed to possess such a permit as Forex license in Japan. It’s especially significant if they work with citizens or residents of the country. Otherwise, such activities will be illegal and could be charged by big fines. Below we will describe the types and methods of obtaining permits in this jurisdiction.

What is a brokerage license in Japan?

Such a license is a permit that confirms the qualifications, reliability, and legality of your actions. This document provides organizations with the opportunity to become part of this market-space for the legal and compliant services provision.

Japan brokerage license is given to companies to assure investors and clients protection, as well as to maintain steadiness of fiscal mechanisms and market continuity.

Establishments offering any financial services are required to be officially approved. This authorization protects the firm’s clients and partners from credit-risks, any hazards and unfavorable choices forced by information asymmetries. If you look at another feature of this need, you can find another nuance. With indirect financing-flows, it’s necessary to keep credit systems strong by supporting their proper management. At the same time, with direct financing-flows, it’s necessary to support financial mechanisms’ steadiness to keep market integrity.

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Japan international brokerage license

As we mentioned above, most local businesses need permission, but let’s find out what categories of permits exist. Entrepreneurs also are given such options as Forex brokers in Japan for sale. This is a completely ready-to-use structure.

Such licenses have certain categories. This division is based on the degree of difficulty of entering the market for a certain type of commercial projects. Thus, the following types of licenses exist: permissions, licenses and approvals. Permit gives businesses the official basis to do things ordinary citizens are prohibited from doing. Only people who meet the statutory norms are allowed to get this permit. Licenses or approvals are similar to permissions, but the rules for getting them are more stringent.

Obtaining a Japan FX license: registration 

According to Asset Management Guidelines, there are four categories of enterprises doing commercial deals with other firms:

  • discretionary structures. They manage the investments of local depositors;
  • companies providing circulation and regulation of foreign assets for local depositors;
  • advisors for local investors;
  • a complex enterprise managing investments (the totality of all points).

All of the above types of businesses are firms working with financial-instruments. Importers of such enterprises are referred to Financial Services and Instruments Operators. Based on type of services offered by the organization, owners must indicate what category they want to choose for their enterprises when submitting applications.

When getting Forex license in Japan, entrepreneurs will be presented with the next-mentioned four categories to choose from:

  • business-structure of material assets of I-type;
  • business-structure of material assets of II-type;
  • organization providing deposit management;
  • firm offering consulting on investments issues.

How long does it take to get a forex broker license in Japan?

If you correctly filled out application-form and there weren’t any hitches during its consideration, then obtaining a brokerage license in Japan takes about 4-6 months. If you have to make changes to your application or you’re asked for supplementary documentation, then this procedure will take a longer time.

Main authority supervising this sector is Financial Services Agency. They’ve developed a help desk providing guidance to foreign enterprises wanting to enter local market-space. This service will give you the information you need about categories of financial-business and whether you need to apply for a permit.

Standard requirements

Different types of licenses have specific terms and conditions. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of permission you need for your business-activities. Nevertheless, there is standard set of normative points not changing depending on the permit category and presented to each applicant. The list of basic rules includes the following:

  • all firms intending to get permission need to be certified as Financial Instruments Operators prior to applying;
  • you need to possess local office-premises and representatives in that country (it does not apply to IAA-business).

You must have a certain capital in order to be approved for a license, in particular, more than 400 thousand dollars for Type I companies and more than 75 thousand for Type II enterprises. Your firm is also required to comply with standard rules, which include the existence of internal administrative apparatus and others.If you are not sure how to apply correctly or what type of license you need, then contact our company. Our specialists have vast experience and professional knowledge in order to help you to obtain brokerage license in Japan. We will advise you on price for Forex license in Japan, as well as help you correctly fill out application-form. We also have an extensive list of shelf companies and licenses for sale in various jurisdictions.

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