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ISO 20252: Market Research

August 16, 2020

The ISO 20252 standard is suitable for all marketing and social research agencies that need a clear and high quality service delivery. The standard provides guidelines for those who conduct, use, or acquire market or social research, and provides assurance that the required standards are valid.

Building on the previous British standard, BS 7911, ISO 20252 takes over the management and implementation of research projects: from the preparation of proposals to the creation of questionnaires and the correct archiving of existing documentation.

The virtues of ISO 20252

  • Ensuring the correct delivery of services.
  • Improving the company’s reputation and providing advantages over competitors.
  • Improved quick management and control of access panels.
  • Reducing the number of errors and rework.
  • Provide a basis for evaluating subcontractors.
  • Guarantee of more efficient and quality delivery of products/services.
  • Improvement of employee morale and distribution of internal responsibilities.

What is the ISO 20252 price?

QMS provides the basis for ISO 20252 certification that does not harm the bank. The cost of certification can vary depending on various factors, namely sector, annual turnover, total number of employees, number of offices and whether the company needs ASCB or UKAS accreditation.

ISO 20252 requirements

The ISO 20252 standard adopts a structure of 10 clauses, called Annex SL, which clearly grouped together, cover four main areas.

  1. Research is the process that a business must follow in order to activate a successful management system that helps to conduct and do market analysis, opinion analysis, and social research.
  2. Leadership Responsibility: areas for which the management team should be attuned, involved and report back.
  3. Resource management: how resources such as personnel, infrastructure and premises should be allocated to ensure the best possible performance.
  4. Measure, analyze and improve: the end points in ISO 20252 describe how to determine if a company’s management system is functioning correctly, facilitating continuous improvement of the system.

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