Company registration in Monaco

Registering an organization in Monaco means getting access to a variety of opportunities, including a residence permit. This jurisdiction has the following advantages:

  • since Monaco is one of the financial centers of the eurozone, business will be reliably protected, and customer information will be completely confidential;
  • favorable fiscal structure. The first three annual periods of operation of the company are tax-free;
  • there is no income tax and on real estate, property inherited;
  • the jurisdiction provides a large number of privileges for persons who permanently reside in the territory of the principality.

Income tax is not charged if the financial turnover of the company outside Monaco is not more than 25%.

Foreign persons who want to register a company there must do the following:

  • get a director. It is necessary that it be a resident of the principality;
  • create a local account;
  • rent or buy an office. The authorities strictly control this moment and constantly check the presence of an office;
  • pay tax from the capital when registering a company;
  • annually file balance sheet extracts, profit and loss list, audit.

You can register a company in the jurisdiction of the principality in one of the following options:

  • anonymous society is the most commonly used form, which is allowed to operate in different fields: commercial, financial, etc. Founders: 2+. Capital: from 150,000 euros.
  • limited liability company in relation to contributions. It is also a fairly common type among foreign investors. Capital: 15+ thousand euros. Such an enterprise is allowed to engage in commercial activity. Founders: 2+.
  • simple society. The liability of the founders is not limited, there are no capital requirements, since it is divided between the participants.
  • a company with simple management, as well as a joint-stock company, the members of which bear different responsibilities.

In addition, there is a separate type of organization in the principality that is not allowed to engage in economic activities. Such companies are created in order to manage real estate through them. The initial capital of such a company is equal to 2 thousand euros.

To open a business, you will need the following:

  • all documents must be certified by a local lawyer;
  • capital is confirmed by a certificate from the bank;
  • the corresponding amount is deposited in the account, and the fact of this is confirmed by a notary;
  • registration is paid;
  • the composition of the Board of Directors is determined and the responsibility of the managing persons is distributed;
  • Statute and documentation are submitted for approval.

As a result, the information that the new business has been registered should be published in the Journal de Monaco.

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