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Plenty of pragmatic commercials’ owners, exactly in times of deoffshorization, think offshore structures are a great tool to use. Nevertheless, it’s essential to realize and bear in mind all rules of company registration offshore and apply them correctly for the prosperity of incorporation of your own business-project.

What is an offshore company? Process of registration of offshore companies

There’re 2 concepts implemented for any global bank and corporation cooperating with customers who aren’t residents.

  1. Registering an offshore company in LLC form in classic offshore environments.
  2. Enterprises located outside owner’s jurisdiction or not in the country where main commercial-activities, offices and representative offices are located.

If you aim at second term deciding as for company incorporation, then any establishment of foreign-company may be called incorporation offshore. But if we take a greatly familiar concept for businesspersons, then offshore-company will be an overseas structure that, due to its location, can use different tax-credits and simplistic rules for reports, confidentiality-keeping, etc. Privacy options are especially important for industries related to activities that aren’t sufficiently regulated in several states, or with high risks. This, in particular, includes the gambling industry and the licensing of cryptocurrency companies.

Offshore company registration


Company formation worldwide: jurisdictions we work with

We offer offshore company formation services for your commercials in various law-taxed spaces. Offshore zones allow firm owners to register their businesses outside residence and activity, having certain advantages. Offshores differ in that they offer a comprehensive package solution for the existing tasks of commercial structures, in particular, reduction of tax-rates payable, the simplification of reporting procedures and a high-level of confidentiality. Such spaces include Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Vanuatu, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands and others.

Jurisdictions belonging to the law-taxed category aren’t offshore-zones in the classical sense. Nevertheless, they’re known for setting loyal tax-rates and offering various privileges for businesses run by non-residents. For example, in certain jurisdictions there aren’t income taxes on dividends or interest on deposits, and other tax preferences. These also include the states of Delaware and Wyoming in the United States. There is no income tax, however, there is a tax on dividends. Georgia offers the same. In Hong Kong, however, commercial deals are not taxed if entrepreneurs do not work locally or with partners and consumers from China. Otherwise, tax is charged. Such also include Malta, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Ireland and others.

Offshore business formation: disadvantages of offshore-companies

Offshores, like other tools, possess its drawbacks. It’s essential to consider them in order to incorporate an enterprise correctly and prevent a loss-making business.

  1. Differences in laws. Each country has its own rules that must be followed. It will not be possible to move your corporation to other spaces and work following way you’re used to, without fulfilling a legislative basis. This’s the reason for non-universality of offshore limited companies: some of them are good for certain types of activities, but not suitable for others.
  2. Enterprise audit. During incorporation and further deals, organizations are subject to constant checks, so you need to figure out if you need them and whether you will pass them.
  3. Only a foreigner has the right to register a company offshore. In some cases, there’s no difference between offshores and local organizations, such as in BVI. In other cases, it’s necessary to incorporate offshore company on foreign passports.
  4. Work outside countries: a base remains in chosen jurisdiction, but all active actions take place abroad.
  5. Dislike for offshore limited structures. Several jurisdictions try to resist offshores, as they believe such small spaces get too much money past the treasury. On the one hand, it is true, but on the other hand, it is very hypocritical. But in the final version, the regulators tighten norms and rules and strengthen checks mechanisms: it may harm commercials.
  6. Given the global trend towards deoffshorization, world banks refuse to create accounts for these organizations. Bank that agrees to do it, charges higher rates for servicing such accounts, since such companies are considered high-risk.

No matter how scary it’s at the first stages of offshore LLC company formation, the advantages of offshore-companies are much higher. To run them, expertise and fulfillment of laws are simply mandatory. Our professionals are ready to assist you with company formation offshore, purchasing offshore-firms, and with obtaining a license in any of commercial areas, including gambling industry.

Typical offshore company registrations: main types

Usage of such structures after overseas company formation is common for exports and imports. Next-mentioned goals for setting up offshore firm are also in demand:

  • holding-purposes;
  • investment center;
  • licensed company;
  • real-estate company;
  • funds and trusts;
  • banking-establishments;
  • financial and insurance;
  • Internet business.

Stages of Limited Company formation with guaranteed bank account

To become a full-fledged proprietor of LLC offshore, initiate offshore Limited company formation and do it cheap, you must go through the following steps:

  • turning to our experts;
  • collect a package of documents from all directors, shareholders and beneficiaries;
  • firm establishment;
  • prepare certified copies of documentation for creation of banking account and send them. Based on jurisdiction, these copies are provided immediately with firm registration, which is included in cost of enterprise.

At first glance, whole procedure of offshore company formation with bank account is quite simple. But it is important to consider that each document must be certified by a notary and translated into English or local language where registration is provided. If supply is incorrect, the regulator may simply fail without explaining the reason. It is better to turn to specialists of our firm for exact list of required documentation.

Low cost offshore company formation: services in firm registration process

We’ve vast expertise in off shore company incorporation and provide legal support at all stages of this process. We’ll help you establish organization in classical zones and in places possessing special taxes privileges, and assist you to select suitable options for your commercials. Our team can provide cheap offshore company formation to save your budget.

Professionals in their field will take care of all organizational and legal issues, as well as, help to open account. Thanks to it, you will save a lot of effort, time and finances.

How much does it cost to establish offshore structure and get offshore company advice

Total price of offshore Limited company formation is directly based on country and type of commercials. Our consultant individually calculates the final cost for you when contacting our agency.

What is included in the list of our services

We act as an efficient offshore consulting firm and offer a full range of corporate services for the maintenance, establishment and licensing of offshore-enterprises in different states. Complementary services of our offshore incorporation center are next-mentioned:

  • secretarial service;
  • accounting, auditing and reports-submission to tax office;
  • certification;
  • account opening and cooperation with this or that bank;
  • recruitment and so on.

By contacting us, you will avoid mistakes in paperwork and get a guarantee that regulatory bodies will provide the appropriate permits for business-activities.

How do I set up an offshore company?

For company registration offshore, you need to make a choice regarding the jurisdiction that will be most beneficial and effective for you in terms of prospects and organization of your commercial business planning. Then you need to collect the necessary package of documents and demonstrate compliance with the norms and standards of the local regulator. Our specialists will become your reliable professional allies at each stage of this path.

What is the structure of an offshore company?

An offshore company can be registered in a classic offshore zone or outside the jurisdiction of residence of the business owner. The most common form of company formation offshore is an LLC. This is due to the fact that more stringent and less comprehensive requirements are put forward for this organizational form, which is especially beneficial for beginning entrepreneurs.

How do I register an offshore company in USA?

The first stage of the process to incorporate offshore company in the USA is choosing a state. The states of Delaware and Wyoming offer certain tax benefits, which makes them somewhat similar to offshore companies. This is followed by the preparation of the necessary documents and bringing your business in line with the requirements of the local regulator.

Why do companies choose to offshore?

Offshore business formation is beneficial because such zones offer quite favorable tax benefits, in particular, zero tax rates. In addition, offshore companies provide a high level of data confidentiality, which also makes them very attractive to entrepreneurs. Our company will provide you with comprehensive professional assistance in registering a company.

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