Eternity Law International Offshore company Guernsey for sale

Offshore company Guernsey for sale

October 6, 2020


Registration cost 1 915.00 USD
Company renewal cost 1 150.00 USD
Number of directors 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Paid Share Capital 0.00
Mandatory reporting requirements            no

Guernsey is under the jurisdiction of the UK and is one of the most popular offshore zones in the world. In addition to a favorable business climate, the advantage of the island is the territorial proximity to Europe.

The official currency is the British pound sterling. The access to the territory is also easy because Guernsey is served by many airlines in the UK and Europe.

But the main advantages of the Islands are directly the conditions of doing business which is more attractive than the vast majority offshores.


It should be noted that non-resident companies in Guernsey may have only one form of ownership – LLC. This organization can be both private and public.

However, there is another option that has no analogs in the world – exempt company. Its main feature is that the competence of the organization equates to a physical person. The rules of activities of exempt companies are the following:

  • tax residency in Guernsey is impossible as well as doing business with legal entities-residents;
  • the principle of confidentiality is held, however, it is not considered a requirement of the charter;
  • it is impossible to work in the areas, connected with trade, financial or insurance business.
  • it is impossible to register a ready legal entity.

Also, you need to pay attention to the chosen name of the company.


The exempted companies don’t need to pay the taxes, however, they are required to pay the fee, which amount is 500 pounds.

The annual reporting is compulsory for all companies including the exempted ones. Moreover, the report must specify the relevant information on all the persons involved in the company.

Thus, the head of the company is obliged to disclose all information about himself and about the shareholders, and indicate the changes that have occurred since the last report.

Filling of the annual report is accompanied by the necessity to pay state duty. As for 2017, the sum is £ 100. If you don’t send the report in time, or if you do not pay the state fee, the company will be fined. In case of refusal of fine payment, a legal person will be removed from the registry.

If you need to register an offshore company in Guernsey, our specialists will help you quickly and professionally register a company in Guernsey. Also, you can buy a ready-made company in Guernsey. Write to us in the CRM form and we will help you register the company in Guernsey.

Eternity Law International specialists will provide you with expert advice on the acquisition of an Offshore Company, a European company, VAT number, opening a bank account in any jurisdiction, and further accompanying your company’s activities at any stage of the work.

We offer ready-made European and offshore companies – re-registration of documents for new owners takes 2 days.

If you have any questions or need advice on the registration or purchase of the company, please call us on the numbers on the website or fill out and send us a form at the bottom of the page.

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