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Working via the Internet, companies create merchant accounts. This enables clients to buy goods and services online, evolving bank cards. It’s very convenient. Our company helps with the opening of such merchant accounts offshore and in any country worldwide. Selection of banks depends on business-activities and the target audience.

Offshore high risk merchant accounts

  1. Sports betting.
  2. Travel agencies.
  3. Television marketing of any kind.
  4. Online gambling
  5. Forex.
  6. Cryptocurrency business.
  7. Activities related to products containing narcotic substances (including cannabis).
  8. Pharmacological field.
  9. Manufacture, processing and sale of tobacco, cigarette products, cigars, etc.
  10. Vapes and electronic cigarettes;
  11. Adult merchants (dating and adult websites).

In such areas of activity, there’s the largest number of chargebacks, in addition, there’re plenty of risks of fraud and abuse. It is very important to legally establish overseas firms and correctly register activities in order to minimize risk.

Why a high-risk businesses might need offshore merchant account

With the help of such accounts, commercial and individual clients get the opportunity to use credit and debit funds, opening their own card. Thus, the presence of a high risk offshore merchant account is also convenient and does not create additional difficulties when withdrawing funds. Firms may securely accept and process transactions using client cards. Firms open trading accounts in overseas jurisdictions to save money, minimize risk or obtain certain benefits of doing business. Entrepreneurs can get other privileges:

  • a large selection of banking institutions and services, particularly, credit card issuance, secure money keeping and transfers, etc.;
  • protection of assets and cash flows;
  • increase in profits due to additional sales;
  • good protection-mechanisms for funds from fraudsters;
  • rapid commercial development by increasing the flow of clients.

With a high risk merchant account offshore, companies may process plenty of transactions and enhance their sales conversion rates.

Steps to open an offshore merchant account: high risk and standard

Organizations must:

  • prepare all required documentation. The issue should be approached with particular seriousness, because even the smallest mistake can be rejected;
  • receive a decision from a banking institution, which will be based on the purity of documents and the veracity of data, as well as the direction of firm that wants to get accounts;
  • account opening. It can take place in person or remotely (in most banks).

In order to avoid mistakes and correctly submit all documents to the bank, contact our specialists who know all the nuances in offshore-account registration. We’ll help your firm quickly and with a minimum investment to become the owner of a merchant-account in selected jurisdiction on perfect terms. We also offer comprehensive professional support with opening accounts in payment systems.

What documents are required for an offshore credit card merchant account and debit one?

The owner of enterprise needs to prepare next-mentioned documentation:

  • a notarized foreign passport with an English translation;
  • confirmation of the legal address with utility bills (also with translation and certified by a notary);
  • tax return, contract of sale or other evidence of the origin of income;
  • company Statute;
  • verification of the identity of directors and shareholders;
  • business plan and description;
  • contracts with partners;
  • confirmation of the authority of the account manager, etc.

The exact list of documents needed for an overseas merchant account depends on specific normative rules of a particular jurisdiction. Please contact our specialists for clarification.

How much does it cost to open offshore merchant account

Specialists of our firm help individuals and legal entities of any state in opening merchant accounts on favorable terms. You will receive professional assistance from lawyers who have been dealing with merchant accounts offshore registration for several years. Do not waste your time and money on independent attempts to apply to banks, as the procedure is very laborious and requires increased attention to every detail. Even due to the slightest mistake, banking institutions can permanently close your access to provided services.


Price of registration depends on jurisdiction, personal banking rules and goals of applicant. All registration is performed online.

What is included in our services?

We offer full support at all stages of opening high risk merchant account offshore and in other jurisdictions. Our lawyers and managers have extensive experience and know all the peculiarities of the laws of each jurisdiction, so they’ll help you select convenient place for each client.

We have agreements with many banking institutions, so we may open accounts for legal entities or individuals online, without a personal presence. Using the services of our company, you will maintain complete confidentiality and security of your data.

If you do not know exactly where it’s more profitable to create a merchant account, contact us right now for a consultation and ask all your questions. The manager will advise you on how best to proceed in a given situation and advise a banking institution that is ideal for your business. We also offer an extensive list of ready companies for sale in a variety of jurisdictions and commercial directions.

How does a high risk merchant account work?

A high risk merchant account offshore is needed by some specific industries whose activities are associated with high risks. In particular, this is the field of gambling, the crypto industry, Forex, the production and sale of tobacco and alcohol products, and so on. In these areas of activity, the largest number of chargebacks is observed, in addition, there are many risks of fraud. Having a reliable merchant account can significantly reduce the likelihood of problems with client funds, as well as provide a high level of protection.

How do you solve high merchant risk?

The problem of difficulties and dangers in relation to funds transferred through a high risk offshore merchant account can be solved by choosing a stable jurisdiction, a reliable financial partner and ensuring the correct procedure for opening an account. Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive professional support at every stage of this way.

What makes a merchant high risk?

Offshore high risk merchant accounts are necessary for companies operating in certain areas of activity. In particular, this is the gambling industry, the crypto-sphere, dating companies, Forex and other commercial areas. The transactions conducted by these companies are associated with a high risk of chargebacks and fraud due to the fact that such firms are often viewed with suspicion and are not subject to proper regulation.

What is an offshore high risk merchant account?

An offshore merchant account high risk is an account opened for companies operating in industries associated with high risks of chargebacks and fraud (crypto, gambling, Forex, etc.). Such accounts are opened in offshore jurisdictions, which provides a higher level of protection for client funds.

Opening merchant account
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