This section provides information on the conditions for obtaining an EMI license in Latvia – licenses for electronic money in Latvia. This is the best option in terms of price / price / status of a European license.

Eternity Law International can offer such jurisdictions as Malta, Cyprus, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, but they will all be more expensive.


According to Latvian law, if the amount of e-money issued in a business plan does not exceed 2 million euros per year, the company can start its activities in Latvia after registration (without obtaining a full license).

In this case, information on the company, board members, business plan, documentation on countering money laundering and information on measures to ensure the safety of client money are submitted to the Commission for the Financial and Capital Market. There are no capital requirements.

If you are planning a larger turnover, then you need a large (full) license. In this case, the initial capital of the company applying for a license must be at least 350,000 euros. In the case of obtaining a license, information and documents specified in the law are prepared (we will be able to provide more details upon your request).

If you plan to create an e-money company, we suggest doing it in the following order:

To carry out company registration in Latvia. In this case, besides the registration of the company itself, it is necessary to prepare a smaller package of documents to the commission, that:

– firstly, it will simplify the process of passing the necessary procedure to start activities;
– secondly, it will allow to detect and settle at the initial stage all possible complaints of the commission regarding the members of the board and the commercial plan (the basis of which will later be used to obtain a license);
– in the third – will allow you to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the company in this jurisdiction to facilitate the subsequent possible procedure for obtaining a license.

Please note that registered companies should work only in Latvia, on the other hand, when providing services in the Internet environment it is difficult to identify the territoriality of the service, that is, when concluding an agreement in Riga, Latvia, you can insist that the service is provided in Latvia ( so do many companies registered in Latvia, working with foreign clients).

With the presence of a full license, you can work in other EU countries after certification.

We recommend to go through the first stage of registration, regardless of whether you are ready to go for licensing immediately or not, as this will allow FKTK to get acquainted with your company and simplify the subsequent licensing procedure.


a small license (it’s also a registration) – 15,000 euros, a period of 3-6 months
full license (with a UK of 350,000 euros) – 28,000 euros, a period of 6-10 months
Both small and full license are protected by PSD.

Today, Eternity Law International has a positive experience in obtaining licenses for processing in Latvia.

There are ready-made companies with licenses. Make a request.

Please contact specialist of Eternity Law International to learn more about licensing options, to receive an individual offer based on your requirements and a detailed calculation for obtaining a license for your future or existing business.

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