Civil lawyer

Eternity Law International is a legal law practice with large experience and an impeccable reputation that provides individuals and organizations with legal services to protect their interests from any encroachment.

If you want to receive professional advice and assistance, please contact Eternity lawyers who will take all possible measures provided by law to protect the violated or contested right.

Civil lawyer takes an important place in litigation. This relevance is due to the possession of special knowledge necessary to resolve the case in favor of the interested party. The most popular cases that require specialist intervention are the following:

  • recognition or contestation over the ownership;
  • reclaiming debt obligations under loan agreements;
  • housing problems;
  • release from the attachment and prohibitions on property in the course of judicial proceedings;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • recovery of material and moral damage from the defendant;
  • collection of alimony;
  • recovery of losses and loss of profits in civil proceedings;
  • drafting and termination of contracts and agreements;
  • disputes by inheritance;
  • resolution of family disputes.

Thanks to an individual approach to each client, the specialists of the Eternity Law International always provide services at a high professional level and make every effort to achieve a favorable outcome of the case.

The basis of our work is openness and honesty, full compliance with the framework of the law, confidentiality and utmost responsibility.

Due to the large number of legal relations arising in civil law, it is impossible to introduce all possible services of a civil lawyer. The following are several of the most common ones:

  • client representation in all instances;
  • oral and written advice;
  • execution of application or withdrawal to the court regarding alimony;
  • examination and analysis of contracts;
  • support in the tax area;
  • participation in judicial sittings;
  • drafting and filing complaints.

You can get detailed information for the issue you are interested in by contacting the lawyers of our company.

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