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Asset management license in Estonia

February 9, 2024

In finance, funds supervision and controlling have an essential and complex role. Individuals or organizations involved in management of investments and securities portfolios are charged with responsibilities requiring a highly-leveled professional background and correspondence with legally-set norms. Getting appropriate operating permits becomes a key step.

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Overview of asset management license in Estonia

Primary responsibilities of such firms are to control and supervise assets, whether in the form of enterprise or a contractual structure. Such a firm might be entrusted with controlling several assets. Additionally to this function, it may provide various services such as portfolio supervision, investments consultancy, protection of units or shares for clients, and other services according to relevant legislative basis.

Direct supervision of such firms is carried out by Estonian financial supervisory authorities. To register, entrepreneurs need to provide Financial Inspectorate with mandatory data and documentation in accordance with established format, as required by law. Applications need to contain a legal analysis disclosing registration grounds.

Specialized companies are allowed to register their business-activities specifically for assets supervision under EU-rules. Detailed guidance and information regarding registration and related matters is provided in rules governing functioning of specialized firms, incl. EuVECA, EuSEF, ELTIF and MMF.

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Obtain asset management license in Estonia: submit an application

This procedure is a decisive step in creating such firms. This key process is covered by precise normative points and procedures set out on a legislative basis. Below is the detailed documentation and data needed to get asset management license in Estonia.

  1. Articles of incorporation: if a firm already exists, provide a copy of current articles of association. If modifications are made to Statute by general meeting, provide documentation reflecting them.
  2. Foundation agreement: in case of creating a new enterprise, provide a notarized copy of foundation agreement, and documentation confirming payment of capital.
  3. Business-plan: develop a fully-covering business-plan meeting legal points.
  4. Financial statements: include the applicant’s opening balance sheet, summary of incomes and expenses, or statement of balance and incomes as of the end of month-period prior to filing application. If business-structure has been in operation for more than a three-year-period, provide annual reports.
  5. Internal rules: present internal rules or proposals.
  6. Data about supervisory board: provide detailed data about members of supervisory board, including personal information, residential addresses, education and a list of previous positions.
  7. Auditor: provide data about the applicant’s auditor.
  8. Data about Managing Director: Provide details of Managing Director, including personal details, education and work expertise, and provide a copy of contract with Managing Director.
  9. Shareholders: Prepare a list of applicant’s shareholders, including their details and voting weight.
  10. Information about major shareholders: provide information about persons controlling more than 10% of the voting rights of the shares.
  11. Information about subsidiaries: Disclose information about enterprises in which the applicant or its management owns more than 20%.
  12. Net Equity Certification: If business-structure is already in operation, provide documentation of net equity value.
  13. Accounting Rules: Include internal accounting rules.
  14. Industry Investor Protection Fund Payment: If the applicant plans to provide certain services, provide documentation of payment to the investor.

If documentation and data submitted raise doubts about applicant’s ability to efficiently manage assets or meet standards, or if additional data verification is needed, Supervision Authority reserves rights to request supplementary data and documentation. This careful process ensures integrity of business-structure.

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Duration of procedures: how to obtain asset management license in Estonia

The Financial Inspectorate will make a decision on issuing or refusing to issue an activity-license within a two-month-period from the date of receipt of mandatory documentation and data. This decision cannot be delayed more than six months from the date of initial submission of application.

Cost of applying for an asset manager license in Estonia is €1,000.

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Industry peculiarities

In the finance sector, such permission play a key role, as such firms have responsibilities for effective supervision of assets and investments. In Estonia, this process is simplified due to a favorable regulatory environment, where obtaining the appropriate license becomes a defining moment.

System support in Estonia creates the conditions for a successful start for asset managers, allowing them to move confidently towards their licensing goals. With necessary knowledge and compliance with regulatory standards, professionals in this field can look forward to a rewarding and rewarding career in the dynamic world of finance.

Thus, establishing such a company in this jurisdiction is a very attractive option. We are also ready to offer you the option of an Estonia asset management licensed company for sale.

Advantages of jurisdiction

Estonia, as a country with impressive growth rates, ranks second in Europe after the Czech Republic, with minimal public debt and a high credit rating. These factors make it stable and constantly growing, which is an important aspect for a business. Stability ensures the preservation of achieved successes, and overall economic growth has a beneficial effect on the development of companies.

An additional advantage is Estonia’s membership in the European Union, which provides access to the union’s internal trade, tax and customs rules, making it much easier for business.

Estonia, being a crossroads of routes between Eurasia, Scandinavia and the Eastern Bloc, has access to the sea and ice-free ports. Convenient location helps optimize transport and logistics costs. The country ranks third in the world in cross-border trade, which ensures fast, simple and minimal paperwork in export-import transactions.

This also indicates a high level of development of services and technologies. Estonia is actively digitizing logistics documentation within the European Union.

If you decide to establish this type of business in this jurisdiction, we recommend that you pay attention to asset management license for sale in Estonia. This is an option for a quick and effective commercial start.

Tax benefits

Estonia strives to create a prosperous European state and realizes tax advantages that contribute to its economic development.

  1. No income tax: companies are encouraged to keep profits within the company and use them for investment in development. The 20% tax is imposed only on dividends paid.
  2. Zero tax on the purchase of real estate: this contributes to more affordable ownership and development of this sector.
  3. Land Acquisition Tax: A tax of 0.1-2.5% has been introduced on land acquisition to help effectively manage the use of this resource.
  4. Lack of transport tax: promotes the development of this industry.
  5. VAT on turnover: companies whose domestic turnover does not exceed 40,000 euros are exempt from paying VAT.
  6. Tax advantages within the EU: companies with Estonian jurisdiction are not subject to turnover tax on transactions within the European Union and are not subject to customs duties.
  7. No Inheritance Tax: There is no inheritance tax, making it easier to transfer an inheritance.

These measures create a balance between stimulating business and preventing companies from being attracted solely for the transit of capital, emphasizing the importance of sustainable and real economic development.

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