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SPI License in Chez Republic

August 10, 2022

Recent years, Czech managed to achieve the status of coreplace for the implementation of payment systems in Europe. Registration in this state is also resorted to by those entrepreneurs who are just thinking about opening their own project or, literally, “stand on the threshold” of opening, as well as those who have already registered a company, for example, offshore, and now understand your mistake. Other acquirers may deny working with such businesses. An SPI license in the Czech Republic is a permit in a profitable and loyal EU country for small expenses.

Permissions released by Czech give their owners the opportunity to operate in any European state and cooperate with clients worldwide. If you intend to launch your own project and work with e-money, you should consider purchasing a ready SPI in Prague. The reason for this is also the reliability of the jurisdiction, and, as you know, banks are quite reverent about this parameter when choosing a counterparty. That is why offshore countries are not a good option in this case.

SPI license for sale: what do you get as an investor?

Firm with an Czech SPI-type permit is a company already on the market before the transaction.

The advantages of this structure in this particular jurisdiction are in some of the following points:

  • an active account in a Czech banking facility, ready for commercial use. Generally, Kraken is confirmed;
  • ready start-up capital; if necessary, the new owner will be able to make his own adjustments to it;
  • confirmed and marked with the VAT regulator;
  • a license obtained directly from the regulator is a guarantee of reliability and honesty of operations.

SPI with soft for sale is the best option for those who do not want to waste their time on settling administrative issues and paperwork. You get a completely ready-to-use structure that will work for us and for your profit from the very first days.

A firm that was recently incorporated and has just obtained an SPI.

The entrepreneur is guaranteed to be able to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • create accounts for payments and circulation of e-money for consumers; control accounts, in particular, assign IBANs;
  • release fiscal means, incl. banking cards;
  • perform transactions not creating an account;
  • accept transactions by various methods available on the market, including SWIFT;
  • act as an acquirer;
  • exchange currencies and initiate payments;
  • maintain regulative basis within the already existing and established payment market.

Having received a ready-made company in their hands, an entrepreneur can immediately start working and promoting their own services.

SPI licensed company with PCI DSS certification.

You can also additionally purchase active software for SPI company and a personal account where you could control payment system’s operation. Among other things, you get the following:

  • the right to open accounts and exercise further control over them, in particular, to assign IBANs;
  • release fiscal means, incl. banking cards;
  • perform transactions not creating an account;
  • receive transactions by various methods available on market, incl. SWIFT;
  • act as an acquirer;
  • exchange currencies and initiate payments;
  • maintain regulative basis within the already existing and established payment market.

The cost of one or another option will vary depending on what range of operations you want to cover, on your budget and personal wishes. If you intend to buy SPI in the Czech Republic, contact our experts – we will select the most convenient option for you in terms of reliability, potential profitability and early market entry.

Are you interested in establishing your own company? We have placed current businesses for you and are ready to provide you with professional advice accompanying you on all steps. You also have the opportunity to see new offers in categories “Cryptocoins and licensing of cryptocurrency operations”, Ready-made companies, “Banks for sale” and “Licenses for sale”.

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