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Asset management license in Greece

February 9, 2024

Major Greek regulators, such as the Central Bank and the Market Capital Commission, are guided by the second version of the EU Directive when licensing operators of asset management firms, requiring applicants to provide evidence of their reliability. To obtain permission to carry out activities related to asset management, it is necessary to pass certain all checks from regulatory authorities, which are integral to maintaining the business model. Among them, technical capabilities, the presence of professional directors with experience in the field of payment licenses and other aspects stand out.

Our company is highly qualified specialists in the field of establishing and licensing commercial structures. We are focused on achieving only the best results for our clients. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice on any issues related to asset management licenses. We also have an offer of Greece asset management license for sale.

Overview of asset management license in Greece

Such a business permit provides for a starting capital of at least 350 thousand euros. Companies registered in the country are required to rent or purchase premises for their offices and have at least three directors (legal entities are not accepted). Management and shareholders/owners of the business must have proven experience in implementing similar projects and working in the relevant field. Such permission is issued upon payment of a fee and is subject to renewal upon payment of a fee.

Having decided to obtain asset management license in Greece, the company must provide:

  • business model with activity plan;
  • description of security procedures and protection of customer information;
  • management and control mechanisms;
  • and confirmation of the availability of anti-money laundering measures in accordance with the European MLD Directive.

In addition, it is required to provide identification information about the company’s shareholders and proof of financial capabilities. Specific documents may be clarified by decision of the licensing authority.

An organization that intends to get asset management license in Greece can be established in various forms, such as a public or private limited company, a limited liability company or an unlimited liability company. Nominal capital is paid upon registration of the enterprise, and information about the company is entered into the public register.

Interested entrepreneurs can also buy Greece licensed asset management company. Our lawyers will provide you with professional support during the transaction.

How to obtain asset management license in Greece

Such permission to conduct activities provides access to the European financial services market, subject to passing the certification procedure.

Our expert company’s specialists provide comprehensive services for successfully obtaining asset management license in Greece and around the world. Our lawyers, economists and managers individually analyze each case, develop a strategy focused on the client’s needs, and help select appropriate business forms and tax models. We offer companies the following range of services:

  • business registration and related procedures, such as renting office space, opening accounts and legalizing documents;
  • preparation of a package of documents in accordance with the requirements of regulators and directives of the European Union, including security policy, anti-money laundering mechanisms, descriptions of models and business plans;
  • confirmation of payment of duties, authorized capital and origin of funds as necessary;
  • assistance in submitting applications, monitoring their consideration and obtaining licenses of various types;
  • asset management license in Greece for sale, as well as in other countries;
  • support implementation of EMI tools, processing and other tools.

By getting such permit, you can become part of the European and global business community, opening access to a promising financial services market. Our company takes care of all bureaucratic formalities, helping to save time and effort, and guarantees that all requirements are met in the shortest possible time. Our goal is to minimize the risk of refusal when issuing a license. We are also ready to offer you the option of Greece asset management licensed company for sale.

Establishing a company in Greece: advantages

Establishing asset management businesses in Greece represents an attractive opportunity for investors seeking to enter the markets of South Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This jurisdiction ensures financial stability and stability of the exchange rate, which makes it attractive for any type of business. However, to successfully open a company in Greece, you need professional support provided by experienced experts from our company.

Institution launching in Greece opens up broad prospects for effective business development at the international level and optimization of tax planning. Greece’s strategic location in the Balkans, in South-East Europe, with a high ranking in the Human Development Index, provides access to fast-growing regional markets with more than 140 million consumers in the Eastern Mediterranean and South-East Europe.

  1. Attractive geographical location of the country.
  2. Developed logistics and communication infrastructure.
  3. Opportunity to take advantage of favorable conditions available to companies registered in other countries of the European Union.
  4. Variety of banking services.
  5. Highly qualified labor resource.
  6. Availability of investment incentives to support regional development, environmental protection and energy efficiency initiatives.

Forming a company in Greece involves minimal downsides and any registration difficulties can be overcome with the support of our professional business registration and licensing firm. Our lawyers will select for you the best place to establish a business and tell you about the best jurisdictions to obtain an asset management license. We also have the option of asset management license for sale in Greece.

When choosing a form of ownership for a company in Greece, the following features are taken into account:

  • open joint stock company with limited liability is suitable for large businesses with an authorized capital of 60 thousand euros. Management is carried out by the board of directors, and decisions are made at the meeting of shareholders;
  • private limited liability company is intended for small and medium-sized businesses with an authorized capital of 18 thousand euros. Registration is possible with two owners, and management is carried out at a general meeting.

Also, foreign entrepreneurs have the opportunity to engage in individual entrepreneurial activities or establish partnerships and representative offices of their companies abroad. For additional information, it is recommended to contact the experts of our company.

What to pay attention to

When registering an asset management company in Greece, it is important to pay attention to taxation issues, which will help assess the prospects and risks of business in the country. The Greek tax system, known for its strictness, is not always considered attractive to foreign investors. Our company’s specialists will provide detailed advice, taking into account changes in tax rates and the requirements of international financial institutions that provide loans to the country’s government.

Regarding the possibility of obtaining citizenship, opening a company in Greece does not in itself ensure this. To obtain citizenship, transactions worth at least $250 thousand are required, including renting a hotel, purchasing real estate or securities. Another option is to live in Greece for at least 5 years.

When deciding to register a company and obtain a license for asset management in Greece, it is recommended to use the services of our professionals. This will ensure reliability, guaranteed quality, efficiency, high professionalism and an individual approach. The company also provides tax advice and has low cost services. You can also resort to the option of a ready-made asset management license in Greece for sale. To start cooperation, fill out the form on the official website, and the manager will contact you to clarify the details.

Our specialists know everything about licenses for asset management in Spain, Denmark, Germany and other countries. We also have a favorable offer of asset management licensed company for sale in Greece. We have been involved in licensing issues for companies in different countries for many years, so we know all the nuances of the process and will help to identify all the pitfalls and avoid problems.

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