Company registration in Lebanon

Interest in Lebanon as a jurisdiction with great potential for the development of international business is growing rapidly. Lebanon in particular attracts foreign capital owners with a stable banking sector that ensures complete confidentiality of customer data. In accordance with the law regarding offshore enterprises and holding companies of this Arab country, non-residents can count on income tax at a rate of 10% and no VAT, as well as a share of dividends.

Foreign firms are allowed to conduct business outside Lebanon or in such a zone in which special conditions have been created in order to attract foreign investment – there is no taxation, in particular, export and import duties and stamp duty are not paid. The owner of such a company can also be a non-resident.

Offshore in Lebanese jurisdiction means the following:

  • tax exemption for capital gains from the sale of securities;
  • the ability to freely export the company’s capital and currency;
  • full exemption from paying tax duties for the next 10 years in the event of starting a business related to innovative products;
  • permission not to involve local agents and secretaries and directors who are legal entities in the work;
  • no requirement for mandatory disclosure of information about beneficiaries.

In Lebanon it is also profitable and convenient to establish firms as holdings. Such organizations are exempt from taxation of profits and dividends. In addition, the jurisdiction allows the opening of enterprises in the form of joint-stock companies, closed companies, partnerships with a limited type of liability, foreign branches and representative offices. Regardless of the organizational form, all companies will be entered in the Commercial Register. Offshore structures are registered in another special register.

Company registration in Lebanon

The package of documents provided by the founders of the company is drawn up in Arabic and English. It contains, in particular, a power of attorney in the name of a local lawyer, who is given the authority to conduct the business of the company, as well as copies of passports of shareholders and founders, stapled with a translation made by an appropriately qualified translator and certified by a notary. In addition, this package includes:

  • data on the name of the organization, beneficiaries and management;
  • signatures of all owners;
  • a copy of the Statute and minutes of the meeting;
  • certificate of the founders of the company;
  • a detailed description of the direction of activity, a list of partners, mutual settlements. All this must contain the signature of the agent.

If documents are drawn up in a language other than English or Arabic, they must be translated and certified by the Lebanese consulate. After that, the founders open a local account. In the beginning, it is enough to deposit capital of about $ 20,000.

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