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Company registration in Ukraine

December 14, 2020

Registration of a company in Ukraine is getting easier every year.

Company formation procedure

The first stage in setting up a company in Ukrainian jurisdiction is entering it into the Unified State Register. This can be done by submitting an application to the state registrar working in the zone where the legal entity will operate in the future.

Registration by a state body is carried out, regardless of where the legal entity or individual is located. The only exception is registration, carried out on the basis of electronic copies of documents.

In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, state registration of a company on the basis of material documents, that is, those that were submitted in paper form, can be carried out within several territorial units with an administrative structure.

The registration procedure itself consists of the following steps:

  • passing the verification of the documentation that was submitted to the registration authority;
  • entering data on a new commercial legal structure in the Unified State Register;
  • formation of an extract from the corresponding register;
  • issuance of an extract.

Each document is drawn up in the state language – Ukrainian. The card provided to the registrar for entering data into it is filled in block letters by hand or typed. If documents are submitted by mail, the applicant’s signature must first be notarized.

The constituent documents, which are submitted to the corresponding registration institution, must be drawn up in a certain order. For this, certain requirements are stipulated in the law. The constituent documents contain the following information:

  • organizational and legal type of the company;
  • composition of founders;
  • the composition of the participants and bodies of the company, the order in which they are authorized to make decisions, their competence and position, etc.

Registration fee

The registration fee is calculated based on the size of the established subsistence minimum. At the moment, as fixed in the Law of Ukraine, this amount is 2102 in the national currency – hryvnia.


Value added tax is currently 20%. For some products, there is a reduced rate of 7%, in particular, this is relevant for companies dealing with pharmaceutical products.

As for the value added tax, not all companies are required to pay it. If the annual turnover of the enterprise exceeds one million hryvnia, then the company must be registered as a taxpayer and pay the corresponding fee to the state treasury. Also, the company undertakes to file a declaration. With a turnover less than this amount, there is no taxation. VAT does not cover services and goods for export.

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