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The process of placing financial credit instruments on the stock exchange depends on careful planning and investigation of all the details.

IPO support is performed in several stages:

  1. Preparative one. At this stage, a plan for support is drawn up, also preparatory works are carried out, readiness for IPO is assessed and preparation for IPO is planned.
  2. The second one is actually IPO. During this period, they enter the stock exchange, implement the project and perform the IPO.
  3. After the implementation of the IPO, the company becomes public entity. At this time, also specific changes are made to enable the company to operate successfully in public.

How is the decision to enter the stock exchange made?

For this, the company’s owner needs to answer a number of questions:

  1. Is your company that entered IPO becoming more successful?
  2. The process of making a decision as for entering the IPO.
  3. What is a procedure of placing on the stock exchange?

In this case, the financial credit instruments of a private company are offered for sale to a wide range. An initial public offering of financial securities (IPO) is considered to be valid when the procedure of offering securities is effectively extended to the public for the first time.

When should a company enter a stock exchange?

This issue should be taking into consideration when a company is in a situation it fails to involve new capital necessary for its activities on favorable terms other than entering the stock exchange. However, this can be also the wrong decision.
To determine whether the choice to place the company’s shares on the stock exchange has been made correctly, there is a need to find out the following:

  • positive indices in the previous periods of the company’s activity;
  • the company’s professional growth rate on average;
  • existence of additional chances to receive investment from the third parts, in comparison with a firm with less stable growth;

Investors assess the company according to the following criteria:

  • the product or service offered by the company must be attractive with significant advantages among competitors and have large sales markets;
  • the head of the company must have enough experience;
  • there should be a positive financial dynamics during the previous periods;
  • existence of good financial prospects for the future;
  • the achievement of a specific goal should be reflected in a competent and reasonable business plan;
  • the company must have an active inspection system over financial flows and production, which complies with all regulatory requirements.

Investors may also be interested in other aspects that will compensate for shortcomings and draw their attention. It can be both a well-known product brand and a strong close management team.

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