Criminal lawyer

Eternity Law provides a wide range of legal services for all categories of cases. Our team consists of educated and experienced professionals of various fields. The main task of a lawyer is to trace circumstances that will justify the defendant or mitigate his/her possible liability.

Eternity’s ticket to success is the professionalism of its employees with knowledge of procedural legislation and successful practice of legal issues settlement, and conducting court cases in various directions and of any complexity. Please note that a lawyer is not entitled to guarantee a positive result.

Due to the complexity and imperfection of the legal system, the demand for the services of a lawyer in criminal cases has grown. In criminal cases, we can often observe a violation of human rights and freedoms. Eternity lawyers is a faithful assistant and partner for you in successfully solving the problem with charges of crimes of any complexity.

Eternity Law International attorneys provides the following services:

  • Closure of a criminal case;
  • Legal assistance for victims;
  • Extradition legal assistance;
  • Recovery of debts in a criminal case;
  • Defense for crimes in the field of economic operations;
  • Defense for crimes against morality;
  • Defense for crimes against property;
  • Defense for crimes against justice;
  • Removal from the wanted list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Interpol;
  • Defense for corruption and malfeasance cases;
  • Changing the measure of restraint from detention in custody to house imprisonment or bail;
  • Removal of arrest of property and accounts, return of seized goods, money, computer equipment, things and documents;
  • Protection of IT business and cryptocurrency miners;
  • Defense for crimes in the field of using electronic equipment (computers), systems and computer networks;
  • Defense for crimes in the field of state secret protection/

Eternity Law International attorneys represent clients in the following state bodies:

  • Office of Public Prosecutor;
  • SBU (Security Service of Ukraine);
  • NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine);
  • GBR (State Bureau of Investigation);
  • National Police;
  • Courts of all instances;
  • Tax Office.

Lawyers and attorneys of the company practice the use of non-standard solutions of complex problems in the process of work, and carefully think over the tactics and strategy of each case. The main principle of work is compliance with strict confidentiality and an individual approach to developing protection. We provide the following list of services:

  • oral and written advice on legal issues;
  • out-of-court settlement of conflicts;
  • development of a protection strategy;
  • defending a client in court;
  • request for pre-trial restrictions;
  • representation of interests in the authorities;
  • legal examination of documents;
  • commencement of a civil action during the criminal proceeding;
  • visiting a convict in a pre-trial detention center.

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