Registration of trademarks

Eternity Law International is one of the most experienced companies in the field of protection of intellectual property rights in Europe.

We can provide a complete range of services for registering a trademark in:

  • Europe;
  • Asia;
  • USA;
  • Countries of the Middle East;
  • The Persian Gulf;
  • Africa;
  • And in many other countries at very competitive prices.


  • Filing an application for a trademark;
  • Support of all procedures for registration of the trademark;
  • Protection of the TM;
  • Maintenance and enforcement of rights by others regarding your trademark.
  • Focusing on the type of services we provide, we attracted a lot of clients from multinational companies to work for the enterprise.

We pay attention to maintaining and developing a center of excellence developing that provides consistent and coordinated customer service around the world.

Our specialists provide our clients with a complete package of international trademark protection without having to deal with various local agents, language and legal barriers, providing an opportunity to simplify attention on what the trademark owner wants. The company manages a special group of lawyers, consultants and researchers in most areas of law to provide our clients with the best specialized intellectual property services.

We are ready to offer you a full package of protection for your trademark in Europe, Asia, the USA, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Africa and other countries.

Trademark registration procedure is:

The trademark protection is limited to the jurisdiction of the country in which it is registered. Initially, you need the protection of TM in the territory where you offer the relevant goods and services.

For example, if a company trades on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, then it must register either a national Bulgarian trademark or a trademark of the European Union (both registrations will provide protection in Bulgaria).

Therefore, you must first decide where your company needs protection for the trademark.


The registration in the countries of the Madrid Agreement in the EU provides a quick and universal opportunity to protect TM within the territory of all 28 Member States. However, this is not as cheap as registering in one particular country.

The procedure takes from 4 to 6 months (if there are no additional questions from the authority of intellectual property).

As a second step, based on the registration of the EU, you can start international registration of up to 96 countries. Costs and expenses for international registration depend on the countries that you want to include in your international registration (so-called designated territories).

If you decide to start with a trademark registration in the EU, we strongly recommend that you first order a preliminary search report from our employee, which will be made within two business days.

Please, contact us to find out more about the possibilities of registering and using of trademarks, obtaining an individual offer based on your requirements and detailed calculation for registering the trademark of your future or existing business.