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ICO license on Gibraltar

August 2, 2018

If your cryptocurrency project has interesting content with a transparent and understandable system of work, you are aiming to work for a long time, and then our company Eternity Law International recommends opening your company in Gibraltar.

Here you will get full assistance from the regulator and some advantages in the work:

·       transparency of regulation;

·       obtainability of any license information;

·       transparent system of payment of taxes;

·       an adequate regulator.


There are two kinds of financial licenses, which have to be obtained in Gibraltar – EMI and DLT.

The first is the EMI license, which acts as a regulator for the issuance of digital money. It does not deal with the actions of cryptocurrency, this license fulfills the function of a full payment system. For instance, you can bring the Paypal – it has a license type EMI.

The second one is DLT. To obtain this type of license, you must meet the criteria that the country regulator has determined. A clear and honest system of work, the existence of an action plan for the next five years – with all this, your firm will be approved.


In 2017, this country has joined a group of countries which are adopted a document which talks about the procedure of selling cryptocurrency and regulating ICO. To obtain an Initial Coin Offering license, you must come and personally meet with the regulator before you submit the appropriate forms.

You have to submit your business plan in order for your company to be approved. It should describe in detail what the company plans for a long time, what precautions you take, what benefits investors will receive from your company.

If the chairmen of the commission arrange your aims and work process, they will translate the project into the next stage. You should deal with paperwork and financial expenses. Another important nuance is that your office with the chief manager, without fail, should be in Gibraltar.

In more detail, the process of obtaining a license you can find out by contacting our specialists.

Obtaining licenses is not an easy job, so you should trust professionals. Our company Eternity Law International provides all types of services for obtaining licenses. We have many years of experience working with foreign countries and a lot of approved deals. We are happy to help you in this matter.

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