Banks in Cyprus

Banks in Cyprus work with offshore companies. Cyprus has a distinct tradition of serving offshore companies – and it has a long history.

The status of a British ex-colony and the surviving British legal system prepare the legal basis for dealing with offshore accounts and firms.

As in the Baltics, accounts are quickly opened in Cyprus, account control is carried out through web banking, its activation and connection takes up to ten days.

Our experts advise USB Bank Cyprus (Fransa bank Group) – it can become a possible tool for complex payments and transactions in North American currency in Asian, Middle Eastern, African countries and also China.

USB Bank Cyprus is backed by the largest shareholder Fransa bank. Thanks to this,after changing its owners in 2015-2016, the small local USB Bank Cyprus was able to acquire the strongest support.

Informational dollar-denominated financial accounts at JP Morgan Chase, CityBank, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of New-York Mellon offer unlimited opportunities for user base development and USB Bank Cyprus development.

In addition, the Fransa bank group – in total, owns more than eleven banking structures in various countries, including their own banking organizations or French, Beirut, Emirates, Belarusian, Syrian, Sudanese, Cypriot, Algerian, Lebanese controlling auction stakes.

It also has its own financial companies and official representative offices in many other countries.

Thanks to shareholder leadership, USB Bank Cyprus has gained access to open correspondent relationships with more than ten of the largest Chinese banking institutions.

A person, who joined the USB Bank Cyprus user base and cooperated with this financial institution for some time, can activate satellite accounts in any of the banking structures of the Fransa bank subgroup, provided that his financial project is associated with the country in which he is present.

Each state is rich in its own bank structures, so that exotic options for doing business, in fact, are simply endless.

Our company selects one or two banks in each country. Our organization makes a choice only in favor of those countries where there is a “comfortable” legal framework for non-residents and companies that were registered in traditional offshore countries.

Are you looking for guaranteed solutions? Then our recommendation is to observe specifically these countries and their banking institution. Perhaps the question logically asks: in which banking institutions are financial accounts open in our organization? We answer easily and simply: in all those that we have listed above in this article.

Including Swiss banks. If you ask in which countries we registered our companies, we will also answer: in all those that we have already mentioned in this text. To get a consultation.

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