Eternity Law International News ISO 22000: Food Industry Management

ISO 22000: Food Industry Management

August 22, 2020

In all food industry, it is becoming increasingly important to develop and use such controlling schemes that could demonstrate their ability to administrate risks in food field and could guarantee compliance with different regulations. ISO 22000 gives enterprise a number of internal benefits:

  • basis of ISO 22000 is comprehensive method that covers safety parameters of at all stages of the life cycle – from the receipt of raw materials to the use by consumer;
  • preventive measures use for correcting faults;
  • unambiguous definition of responsibility for ensuring food safety;
  • unmistakable critical procedures identification and enterprise’s main resources and efforts concentration on them;
  • significant savings by reducing the proportion of scrap in the total production;
  • documented confidence in manufactured products safety.

ISO 22000 commercial benefits

ISO 22000 certification will increase competitiveness, increase trust on the part of your partners, and significantly improve investment attractiveness, allow you to enter the international market, as well as expand existing sales markets, will lead to a decrease in the share of defects and complaints (products recall) in the total volume of manufacturing and sales.

Such certificate is a documentary approval of the safety of manufactured products in the food industry (this is especially important when analyzing claims and litigation). It provides additional opportunities for integration with QMS. The presence of the ISO 900 certificate gives additional opportunities when receiving an order in state and other institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals):

  • availability of a general food safety policy;
  • keeping operation records;
  • availability of food safety specialists;
  • communication procedures selection for effective communication with important contacts outside the firm (regulators, customers, suppliers, etc.);
  • creation of an action plan in case of emergency;
  • availability of good resources for the quality operation of the FSMS;
  • adherence to HACCP norms;
  • tracking system availability for product identifying;
  • nonconforming products control;
  • for measuring devices;
  • internal audit;
  • FSMS periodic updating and improvement.

External benefits of ISO 22000

  • Consumer confidence in manufactured products increases.
  • There is an opportunity to enter new, including international markets, expand existing sales markets.
  • Additional advantages when participating in important tenders – the competitiveness of the company’s products increases.
  • Increasing investment attractiveness.
  • Reducing the number of complaints by ensuring stable product quality.
  • Establishing a reputation as a manufacturer of quality products.

A certain amount of knowledge is required to implement ISO 22000 system. First, this is knowledge of your product, raw materials and processes, as well as recognition of factors that can cause a risk that threatens the health of the consumers.

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