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Company registration in Labuan

December 22, 2020

Labuan has signed more than 40 agreements to avoid double tax payments, including with France, Austria, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries. Labuan is an exemplary jurisdiction that maintains stable and trusting economic and political relations with the Malaysian island, which is a separate administrative territory. This is what attracts foreign investors.

Doing business in Labuan is transparent and easy to manage. Due to the efficient tax environment, there is a lot of demand in the jurisdiction as local companies do not pay the following fees:

  • from services and sales;
  • dividends and goods are not subject to taxation;
  • capital increase.
  • Labuan can be called a kind of offshore zone.

The main business industries in Labuan are as follows:

  • services in the field of insurance;
  • management of private property;
  • trading operations;
  • bank leasing.

Forms for registration of commercial structures in Labuan

In accordance with the legal framework of this jurisdiction, non-resident entrepreneurs can open a company for trading or non-trading purposes. They, in turn, differ in the following types of responsibility:

  • based on the size of the shares that were issued;
  • limited;
  • unlimited.

Each of the forms is characterized by its own tax rate. In general, Labuan has one of the smallest indicators, which is 3%, which is about 5 thousand dollars for trading type companies. A zero rate is assigned for non-traders.

The initial capital must be at least $ 1. Number of shareholders: 1-50.

It takes very little time to open a company in this jurisdiction. The presence of the founder is not required. In addition, there are no requirements for a director who would be a resident of Malaysia, since the owner of the company, who is a non-resident, can simultaneously act as a founder.

The documents that must be provided for registration, at least, include the following:

  • direct application;
  • The Statute;
  • declaration confirming compliance with legal regulations;
  • a certificate of payment of all duties going to the state treasury;
  • the protocol that the director of the company was appointed by the founders.

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