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Crypto license in Switzerland

November 24, 2022

State is quite staunch in its position as for crypto-currency, but there’re rigorous requirements for organizing a crypto-business. Crypto license in Switzerland is issued to firms following provisions of local legislative frameworks and rules of the regulatory body. Jurisdiction’s goal is to create a stable and reliable environment for crypto-currencies functioning and implementation of operations with them.

Based on the type of commercial project, you can get an exchange or operative permission. They are issued by Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Switzerland cryptocurrency license: cryptocoins regulations 

Crypto-currencies are subject to taxation. Nevertheless, jurisdiction has rather low tax rates, which is also one of additional privileges for doing cryptobusiness. Jurisdiction has so-called “crypto valley” with one of lowest tax ratios compared to state’s cantons.

Regulative authority controlling deals of crypto-currency projects – FINMA – puts forward certain rules for firms associated with digital currencies, and also oversees all operations carried out locally, and issues Switzerland crypto license. Local crypto-law states entrepreneurs providing services for storing assets or carrying out operations with them need to develop and implement a KYC-procedure – “know your customer”. If there’s any suspicion regarding the client, the firm needs to report this to the Office of Combating Illicit Funds. If the authority finds these suspicions justified, the client’s assets are frozen.

Businesspersons also may get cryptoexchange licenses in Switzerland. State offers favorable conditions for cryptoexchanges functioning. Permission is issued by local authority after companies have passed an audit for following all necessary norms, particularly, for prevention of illegal circulation of monetary means. Crypt-exchanges are required to perform the KYC procedure, monitor customer operations and report all distrustful actions.

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Get crypto blockchain license in Switzerland: taxes 

Cryptoactivities incomes are covered by taxes. Its rate depends on the entity’s status: individual businessperson, a corporation dealing with crypto-currencies, etc. Having Switzerland cryptocurrency license, businesspersons may expect a rate of 12-18%.


Implementation of ICO projects needs attendance of entrepreneurs, sufficient initial assets and specialists working within further structure. To launch, you must first send an application to FINMA, demonstrate a detailed description of project and indicate the scope of its activities.

The specialists of our company will provide you with full expert support in obtaining Swiss crypto license ensuring the performance of your structure. Besides assistance in getting Switzerland cryptocurrency licenses, we’re also ready to offer you many options for ready-made companies for sale as turnkey solutions. Contact us in a convenient way for you.

Please contact us to get more information.

You can see our current offers in the categories “Cryptocoins and licensing of cryptocurrency operations”, “Ready-made companies”, “Banks for sale” and “Licenses for sale”.

Are crypto-currencies regulated in Switzerland?

Local legislative frameworks contain certain points that regulate activities of enterprises dealing with crypto-currencies. The industry is licensed and supervised by FINMA.

How to open a cryptocompany in Switzerland?

To establish crypto-organization in Switzerland, it’s necessary to collect and send a certain package of documentation to local regulative body. Corporate activity in the jurisdiction needs banking accounts for commercial purposes and registration of a local office.

Do I need permission to trade crypto-currency?

In jurisdiction, crypto-currencies are traded through exchanges. To perform such operations, an appropriate official permission is needed, which’s issued by FINMA.

How much does cryptolicense cost in Switzerland?

Total cost of obtaining cryptolicenses depends on several factors, particularly, on list of services that the company intends to provide. Our experts will help you calculate the cost, based on the needs of your project and budget.

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