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Fintech sphere is a fairly progressive and promptly developing industry in the modern space. Firms operating in such commercial niches offer financial services to interested clients, the implementation of which uses innovative technological solutions. We are talking about process robotization, blockchain, cloud storage and data usage technology, biometrics, and so on.

Our company consists of unsurpassed Fintech consulting specialists with plenty of years of expertise in this direction. We provide assistance in licensing, strategic organization and profit optimization for FinTech-companies. Our efforts are aimed at making your company one of the best in your commercial industry.

FinTech Services

What does financial technology consulting include?

Line of financial services technology consulting is a rather narrow and subtle specialty, which covers next-mentioned.
    • Helping Fintech-companies make and develop essential strategic decisions helping grow their business-projects and take it to the next level of profitability and partnerships.
    • Development and detailed thinking of an effective business model and a product line bringing more profit and interest to more consumers.
    • Professional assistance in preparation, development and realization of a long-term business-plan.
    • Planning and structuring an effective IT infrastructure.
    • Assistance in the development of internal procedures and policies implemented to ensure operations and client digital assets security.
    • Assistance in obtaining a payment license and permission to carry out transactions with electronic money.
    • Providing information about licensing conditions and normative points in different countries.
    • Advising on categories and conditions for obtaining licensed permits.
Our specialists are professionals in the field of Fin-Tech consulting. We apply an individual approach to each project, which helps us achieve the most effective results for our clients.

Who needs financial IT consulting

Fintech-companies are structures using innovational technology solutions and IT-products in financial activities. In particular, these are latest business-models and applications and software that have been developed on their basis. Such firms are cheaper and easier to adapt to modifications in market-space. Financial services IT consulting is necessary for those insurance, banking and investment firms using the following advanced mechanisms:
    • mobile banking. This’s an opportunity to manage bank accounts and means on them using a mobile application;
    • contactless payment systems that can be performed through devices with built-in NFC chips;
    • electronic means. This category includes crypto assets and digital wallets;
    • services for issuing credit funds, processing and conducting insurance deals, trading transactions on stock exchanges that operate online;
    • mechanisms for identifying customers by fingerprints, shape and features of the face, retina and voice.

What jurisdictions do we operate in?

We associate with clients from all over the world, in particular, from the jurisdictions of Europe, Asia, America and other regions. We also work with offshore jurisdictions, offering comprehensive consulting financial services technology advice just as effectively. In addition to Fintech, our specialists are also experts in licensing structures from other commercial areas. We work with crypto-licensing, obtaining official permits for gambling projects and other companies.

What is included in our financial tech consultant services

Among other financial services consulting firms-information technology providers, our firm offer a comprehensive content of FinTech-services, including next-mentioned:
    • advising on the type and category of licenses in various jurisdictions;
    • selection of the most optimal and profitable jurisdiction, taking into account the business strategy and the initial budget;
    • assistance in developing a business-plan and strategies for further commercial progress;
    • support in opening bank accounts;
    • consulting support in obtaining an activity permit with an analysis of potential risks;
    • calculation of necessary expenses and cost optimization when opening Fintech-structure;
    • company’s IT infrastructure development.
We consider each case individually, trying to direct all our efforts to achieve the most effective result for you. Our experts give you only transparent and honest information.

How much do Fin-Tech consulting services cost?

Our experts are proficiently technology consulting associate in financial services. We calculate the cost of content of these services individually in each case. The total costs depend on what kind of problem, complexity or task you are contacting our company with. You can contact our consultant manager for a preliminary assessment.

Our advantages

    1. Extensive experience – our specialists have hundreds of FinTech consultations and satisfied customers behind them. We know what you need.
    2. High professional qualification. In our ranks – only the best specialists who are 100% knowledgeable in their field.
    3. Great professional reach. We offer an extensive list of services.
    4. We associate with hundreds of countries being best for Fitech.
    5. Large area of interaction. We work globally with hundreds of jurisdictions around the world.
    6. Individual approach to each case and search for the most optimal solutions.
Our firm is focused on honest and most effective cooperation. Our specialists will become your reliable allies in implementation and maintenance of profitable operation of your Fintech-project.

What is financial services technology?

The Fintech sector is quite progressive and rapidly developing today. Firms working in this direction offer clients financial services, the implementation and implementation of which is carried out using innovative technological solutions. We provide full financial services IT consulting for all interested enterprises.

What do Fintech companies do?

This is a rather narrow profile area that covers the following:
    • assistance to companies in the development and implementation of strategic solutions for the development of business projects and bringing them to a new level of partnership;
    • developing effective business models and product lines that would generate more profit and generate greater interest among consumers;
    • assistance in the development and implementation of a business plan using innovative technological solutions;
    • structuring an effective IT infrastructure, etc.
Financial services technology consulting field is necessary exactly for proficient development of businesses.

What is the role of fintech in financial services?

Among other things, Fintech consulting companies offer professional assistance in developing internal procedures and policies to ensure the security of clients’ digital assets. In addition, such firms provide assistance in obtaining payment licenses, in particular those that provide the right to conduct transactions with electronic money.

What is the difference between finance and fintech?

Financial IT consulting, unlike conventional financial firms, specializes in the use and active implementation of innovative technological solutions and IT products in financial activities. Fintech does not provide traditional financial services, but offers professional assistance in implementing technological solutions in the provision of financial services.
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