Eternity Law International News AS/EN 9100: Aerospace Quality Management

AS/EN 9100: Aerospace Quality Management

September 13, 2021

AS/EN 9100 emphasizes quality in all aviation sectors. It is applicable to civil and military aviation enterprises. Since its first edition, 9100 has been revised several times. Quality and safety demands established by it were supplemented in accordance with legislative and regulatory norms, conditions of contracts in aerospace field. As of today, the 2003 version is in effect. Certification is applied in several cases:

  • development and production of aviation equipment;
  • aviation components supply.

A distinctive feature is the detailing of additional requests specifically in aerospace sphere. This affected the structure of the document.

The emergence of the AS/EN 9100 series standards was driven by the needs of the industry. The fact is that initially, in order to control the quality of products manufactured by aerospace sphere, ISO 9001 was applied in parallel with local additions of the companies. Such an abundance of versatile documentation led to constant confusion, which is why the industry standard AS 9000 appeared in the United States. With its release into general use, organizations have abandoned the development and use of their own additional documents. The document must be adhered to:

  • airports and airlines;
  • enterprises engaged in supply, equipment overhaul, repair bases.

The document is applicable to design and manufacture of astronautics equipment, airport operations and airway operations. AS 9100 is also important in flights and loading and unloading operations controlling. This normative act is recognized without restriction all over the world. Certified QMS is one of mandatory requests for aerospace fabricators.

Key Sphere of Influence & Focus

Without an implemented and confirmed certification mechanism, enterprises will not be able to enter international market. AS/EN 9100 can be an essential prerequisite for obtaining a trade license, highlighting its current and future relevance. AS/EN 9100 benefits consists of following.

  1. Reduced risk of production and service errors and critical failures.
  2. Efficiency improving for saving resources.
  3. Ability of traceability demonstration throughout supply chain.
  4. Online Supplier Information System (OASIS) Entry.
  5. Getting status of a preferred supplier and building trust from customers and shareholders.
  6. Stable betterment and prospects for international increase.
  7. Increasing the motivation of employees in connection with the clarity and transparency of job responsibilities.
  8. Expanding the knowledge of the working team in the field of product quality.
  9. Increasing the effectiveness of in-house procedures.
  10. Reducing costs by increasing productivity, improving produced objects quality, service defectiveness.

It is recommended that the training on the requirements of AS/EN 9100 for internal auditors and key employees of the company be carried out in advance in order to develop and implement internal audit programs and conduct a full analysis of the QMS by senior management before the external supervisory (recertification) audit is carried out.

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