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Company registration in Venezuela

December 9, 2020

Venezuela is quite a popular offshore jurisdiction with many advantages. If you are really determined to create a business, then we recommend that you think about registering an offshore company in Venezuela. The economy in Venezuela is quite stable and the requirements for opening an organization are quite acceptable.

It is difficult to register a company remotely. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to our company Eternity Law International. It employs high-class specialists who have a wide knowledge base in the legal field, and also have vast experience in this segment. With the help of specialists, registration will take place much faster and remotely.

Requirements for registering an offshore company in Venezuela

Whichever company you open, there are prerequisites:

  • officially registered office;
  • meetings should be held regularly;
  • you will need to submit a report on the company’s activities once a year;
  • the financial part must be checked annually;
  • providing government agencies with a detailed report on the company’s income and expenses.

If you wish, you can purchase a ready-made business, but the requirements for it will be exactly the same. Venezuela is a country with a rather tough economy, which is designed for the citizens of this state. Offshore companies also operate there.

In Venezuela there are several investment restrictions. Investments in oil, media, gas and television are prohibited. To open a company there, you need to obtain a permanent residence permit in this country. The taxes are not small here, but it is not always necessary to obtain a permit, so it is not difficult to organize a company here.

We recommend that you get help from qualified lawyers who will carry out all the procedures several times faster without your participation. Business in Venezuela can bring you excellent profits, so think about starting a company here.

Eternity Law International – why to choose

By contacting us, you can get such services as following:

  • Company registration in accordance with all the rules and requirements of your chosen state. After that, you are provided with all the necessary documents.
  • In addition, the services of a qualified secretary will be offered, who will help to conduct business competently.
  • We prepare and collect all the necessary documents for starting a business, while your participation is not required at all.
  • You receive the registered office address.
  • All documents are officially certified by a notary.
  • There is also a huge range of additional services.

If you have any questions, please contact the company’s employees via social networks or by phone. They will provide detailed advice on all issues.

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