Investment funds

Investment funds (hedge). How to open

Investment funds – companies engaged in collective investment. Their essence is the accumulation and saving of funds of private and legal entities for further investment through the purchase of securities and shares.

For what purposes funds are created?

Opening investment funds will help to solve a number of issues related to business:

  • attraction of third-party investments;
  • protection of invested assets;
  • management of borrowed funds;
  • confidentiality of owner data;
    the possibility of selling shares and cryptocurrencies.

Hedge funds will help provide a solution to all of these points.

How to choose a country for opening an investment company?

A good place to place funds can be: Panama, Cayman Islands, Bahamas. These countries have earned a wonderful reputation and are suitable sites.

To reach European investors and to gain their location, it is better to open an investment fund in any country of the European Union.

Also a key point for registration is the speed and cost of opening a fund. As a rule, offshore companies are cheaper than European or American, and it’s much easier to maintain them.

Specialists of our company engaged in the creation and maintenance of a business advise to take into account factors such as:

  • taxation;
  • conditions offered by banks;
  • goals of the owners themselves.

Types of investment funds

They come in several forms:

  • charity;
  • funds for pension savings;
  • incubation funds;
  • venture capital funds and so on.

Many countries seek to attract additional investment. To do this, a variety of hedge funds have been developed, with which to solve various ideas and tasks of the business.

It is known that to make a profit, money must work and they must be invested. Therefore, to save their funds and increase income from them, investment in private funds is perfect. Also, such funds attract attractive tax conditions.

If the main task is to attract professional or other investors and additional cash injections, then the best solution will be professional and non-professional investment funds.

You doubt the choice of the type of fund, and the solution to this issue has become a problem? We will help to cope with it. Our customers are guaranteed qualified assistance and advice on all matters of interest.

Fund opening cost

It is extremely difficult to answer this question with clear numbers. Due to the large number of funds and countries for their opening, many factors influence their value. Both the individual criteria of the country and the interests of the owner are taken into account.

The cost of opening private and offshore funds starts from several thousand dollars. The higher the level of attracted investors and the milder the working conditions, the higher the cost.

The cost of registering a fund also includes the hiring of various staff. For example, attracting an accountant, auditor, several managers and administrators, creating a directorate, and so on.

Our company will advise on all issues of cost and related services required for opening.

The duration of the opening and registration of the fund

The time spent on registration is divided into 2 stages:

  1. Training. This item includes the choice of the country where the project will be opened and its type. The control method and internal structure are also consistent. At the initial stage, the preparation of the necessary documentation package begins (from a couple of weeks to several months).
  2. Registration. With qualified training, some funds are registered in a few days. But the registration of many investment companies takes several months.

With the help of our company’s specialists, you can reduce the time for planning, preparation and opening. Qualified assistance will seriously increase the chances of a positive outcome. We have experience working with funds in European countries with the opening of projects on the islands and in America.

Eternity Law International specialists will be happy to рrovide you with assistance in resolving this issue.



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