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Company registration in Uruguay

December 22, 2020

The Uruguayan authorities are trying in every possible way to help attract foreign investment and interest foreign partners. For this, very convenient conditions have been created in the jurisdiction. The key benefits of incorporating a firm in Uruguay are as follows:

  • liberal tax system;
  • the country’s government is extremely welcoming;
  • the principle of maintaining bank secrecy;
  • there is no foreign exchange control;
  • conditions for the development of offshore commercial structures are constantly being modernized and improved;
  • suitable corporate base;
  • availability of free zones.

Business forms for companies in Uruguay

In the Uruguayan jurisdiction, foreign entrepreneurs get the opportunity to incorporate a company in one of the following forms:

  • limited liability company – Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada;
  • AO or Sociedad Anónima.
  • The process of registering a company of the first type includes the following steps and is based on compliance with the following requirements:
  • the company includes several founders;
  • number of partners: 2-50;
  • the statute of the enterprise prescribes the period during which the firm will carry out its activities (you can set an unlimited period);
  • the organization can be managed by a legal entity approved by the founders;
  • there are no restrictions on the amount of capital.

Once the company is operational, the owners are required to pay half of the capital immediately. The other half is paid over the next two years. The acceptance or exclusion of partners from the enterprise must be agreed upon with each founder.

Registration of JSC provides for the following:

  • the opportunity to work in all spheres of activity without exception;
  • there are no restrictions on the number of shareholders (from one);
  • the company can issue registered securities and bearer shares;
  • the firm can take out a loan in order to increase capital;
  • capital can be freely transferred to the state in which the founder is registered;
  • shareholders are liable in proportion to their participation in the capital;
  • the principal organs of the firm are the Board of Directors and the Meeting of the Shareholders.

In Uruguay, tax is paid only by those companies whose profits are generated within the jurisdiction. The rate is 25%. There is no tax levy for dividends. Financial statements must be submitted annually.

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