Eternity Law International News AS 9120: Aviation Space & Defense Distributors

AS 9120: Aviation Space & Defense Distributors

September 13, 2021

AS 9120 provides traceability, inventory administration, surveillance and record keeping. Companies that have received the AS 9120 certification have proven to be a reliable distributor worldwide. Certified companies switched to the new version of the standard before September 2018. Since 2017, audits have begun to be carried out according to the new edition of this document. These studies comply with standards published by local and foreign organizations, generally accepted test and analysis methods, and applicable legal regulations.

AS 9120 is very important for magnetic components supply and assemblies to aerospace sector in the European market. Standard focus is given to project management, processes approach, risk and configuration controlling, and customer content. Compliance with regulatory, legal and contractual demands is a prerequisite for establishment of a QMS.

Main Positions and Boundaries of Influence

AS 9120 realization is a strategic decision for every enterprise serving as a supplier to aerospace sector. Currently, certification is an important basis for the operation of such a company. Thanks to these solutions, firms can constantly improve organizational processes, systematize quality standards for manufactured products, and effectively manage international trade. Above all, the standard is focused on needs of clients – relevant bodies constantly assess the satisfaction and control services and materials quality.

AS 9120 is a guarantee that services provided are performed at the highest level. All processes are subject to internal and external control and are also adapted to customer demands. Standard includes criteria for documentation, setting strict acts and parameters that must be met when fulfilling orders for space industries. Benefits of implementing AS 9120 in your company:

  • timely detection of critical procedures and their correction;
  • quality monitoring at absolutely all stages of production;
  • clear division of responsibilities;
  • savings due to lower marriage rates;
  • documented safety of manufactured production;
  • establishing a quality manufacturer reputation;
  • increasing products competitiveness;
  • due to introduction of feedback from clients, degree of loyalty and trust in organization increases;
  • company’s document flow is optimized.

Professionally designed and implemented administration system will allow you passing AS 9120 certification procedure of enterprise, thereby confirming its effectiveness and opening even more opportunities in international markets.

AS 9120 Possibilities

In aviation, which is constantly under the watchful eye of public and where the permissible error is almost zero, strict quality control standards are on the agenda. It is likely that no other industry pays as much attention to security as aviation field. In addition, AS 9120 helps to introduce a motivation system so that each employee is interested in the results of his/her own work and the general activities of the team. The fear of subordinates before the leadership is eliminated, while the selection of employees is made considering psychological types of characters of each of them.

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