Company registration in Ireland

Ireland is the state with the most optimal conditions to conduct free trade within the EU. The Irish jurisdiction offers a beginner and experienced entrepreneur a favorable investment and economic atmosphere for the development of activities in the IT direction, structuring and development of trade and holding structures. Basically, OJSC, LTD, various types of partnerships and organizations with different types of responsibility, as well as branches of foreign enterprises are registered in Ireland. Regardless of the form, each company must have an Irish legal address and a resident secretary.

The current Irish law provides for a new amount of registered capital equal to 100 euros. Now the company can be registered in the form of LTD, which must include 2 directors and 1 shareholder. In addition, the jurisdiction of Ireland provides that one of the directors of the firm is a resident of a country in the Eurozone. For profits, the tax is 10%.

LTD requirements

For an Irish company in the form of an LTD, a certain number of mandatory requirements are established. A VAT return must be submitted to the institutions of authorized structures once a quarter, and financial statements are submitted once every 12 months. During the first six months of the company’s operation, you need to submit the 1st annual report. The tax return is filed within 9 months. The tax is paid by those foreign companies whose annual turnover exceeds 75 thousand euros.


Irish law sets the rate at 25%. This indicator is valid for organizations providing intermediary services, i.e., investment firms and holdings. Companies whose activities are in the production and sale of goods use the rate 2 times lower.

0% is intended for dividends paid by non-EU residents. VAT – 23%.

Pros of Irish Jurisdiction

  • There is no double payment of the tax levy.
  • The registration mechanism is simple and straightforward.
  • The production and maintenance of a business is very inexpensive.
  • Mostly low tax rate.
  • Stability and sustainability of the economic base.

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