Company registration in Israel

The creation of a company in Israel is an opportunity for owners to take advantage of all the prospects of such a developed and respectable jurisdiction, as well as to receive significant benefits. Israel is also interesting in that many different fund organizations are registered there, intended for the development of medium and small businesses. State structures of Israel in every possible way support repatriates and non-residents financially, issuing preferential loans for them.

The advantages of an Israeli company lie in the operational procedure for the registration of the company itself (which, in fact, begins the path of an entrepreneur), and in a reliable, well-established financial field. Non-residents, individuals and companies can act as founders and beneficiaries.

Israel can be called an offshore. Many companies set up subsidiaries in this jurisdiction in order to optimize their fiscal burden. Such organizations do not arouse suspicion among representatives of tax authorities and have a simple document flow, which can be carried out by one person. If the firm earns income within Israel, it is taxed. If neither the directors nor the shareholders of the organization are Israeli residents, and the company’s activities are not carried out on the territory of the state, the company does not pay tax.

The most common form of business in this country is a kind of analogue of LLC – Ltd. This type of business is not associated with great risks and, at the same time, offers many opportunities for the implementation of commercial projects.

The procedure for creating a commercial structure in Israel

Almost the same procedure is provided for founders of organizations and individual entrepreneurs. First of all, however, as in other jurisdictions, you need to choose a name for the company. The name must be unique and not contain elements that offend the state and are contrary to moral norms. After that, the following is submitted to the state registration authorities:

  • a statute containing standard information regarding founders, type of company and others;
  • copies of passports of each of the founders or constituent documents, if the company is created by a legal entity;
  • declarations completed by the first directors, shareholders, and fully completed registration forms containing the appropriate signatures.
  • documents generated by non-residents must be apostilled and certified by a local notary office. In addition, they must be translated into Hebrew. After paying the state fee, you need to check whether the capital is fixed in the Statute, the amount of which must be at least 10,000 shekels.

As soon as the company receives the appropriate certificate, the founders need to take care of organizing the accounting for the company, since it is mandatory to keep records. Depending on the company’s annual turnover, whether or not it will be exempt from VAT.

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