Offshore company Gibraltar


The cost of registration 1 900.00 EUR
The cost of renewal 700.00 EUR
Number of Directors 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Paid up capital 0.00
Requirements for mandatory reporting No

Gibraltar is a disputed island that is officially under the jurisdiction of the UK, however, Spain has its own claims.

The official language of the island is English, however, among the tradable currency is the peseta, and a huge number of residents are Spanish.

Gibraltar is a popular resort, washed by the Mediterranean sea on one side, and by the Atlantic ocean on the other. However, people come here not only to relax but also to register an offshore company.

Business peculiarities

Tax non-residents of Gibraltar do not have the right to conduct any activity within the island.

In addition, they are forbidden to provide services for the provision of a legal address and acquire real estate property.

To register your own office in Gibraltar is required, but a non-resident may only rent a room.

Offshore companies have the opportunity to register in several forms of ownership.

The most common one is considered the NRC. It is mandatory to have a secretary. The main requirement for the name of the organization is the presence of the word Limited.

Businesses such as NRC have the right to be engaged in all activities, but in some cases, it will require the registration of the license.

It is important to know that the Gibraltar law prohibits the appointment of the directors of the NRC, having the citizenship of the island. You can use the nominee director.

There are no additional restrictions on doing business outside of the island.

Taxation on the island

Gibraltar is one of the most favorable territories for doing business, located geographically in Europe. Features of tax legislation for non-residents are the following:

  • full tax exemption for NRC;
  • no need of accounting;
  • no need to conduct an annual audit and provide a conclusion (for small businesses);
  • no foreign exchange control;
  • no need for annual reports.

It should be noted that companies registered on the island are not required to deposit share capital. Also, the organization has the ability to issue shares.

Thus, Gibraltar has the status of one of the most attractive offshore areas for European companies: it is located near excellent transport accessibility, taxes do not exist, reporting is minimal.

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