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Ready-made company in Malta

August 9, 2023

Ready-made companies are those already created and registered, and are intended for further sale. Such a variant as purchasing a shelf firm is increasingly gaining popularity for starting a business or expanding it, since entrepreneurs do not need to fiddle with registration documents and other nuances for a long time. To buy a ready-made company, you need to sign a sale and purchase agreement and carry out the process of transferring shares. The new owners have the right to change the name of the firm and appoint new directors. In most cases, a ready-made company in Malta has an Articles of Association, an office, a certificate of incorporation and a registration number.

Our team is first-class specialists in the field of establishment and licensing of commercial structures. We also have an extensive list of ready-made firms in the US, as well as in Europe and Asia. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice, providing you with all the necessary information.

Benefits of acquiring a shelf company in Malta

The main advantage of acquiring a ready-made company is the enormous time savings in creating a company and launching it into a business environment. It is beneficial for foreign entrepreneurs to acquire Maltese companies for the following reasons:

  • sustainable economics of the jurisdiction;
  • the status of a world business center. Representative offices of various large global corporations operate in Malta;
  • the lowest VAT in EU-zone;
  • a stable currency and a sound banking system. Malta has been a member of the EU since 2008, so the assets of entrepreneurs will be under proper protection;
  • strict confidentiality and security: there is almost no corruption in the jurisdiction;
  • support from the authorities. There are many governmental programs for new business players development;
  • convenient taxation system;
  • the opportunity to obtain a second citizenship by investment.

Businesses for sale in Malta

Ready made company in Malta with bank account

Europe, Malta
Buy a ready to use company in Malta with bank account : This company was founded in 09/2015 with the aim of providing Renovation, Fit-Out, and Construction services in Monaco, France and Greece. It was setup as a “HOLDING + OPERATIONAL” (HOLCO+OPCO) twin set of companies in Malta for tax reasons, due to the very…

Ready-made company in Malta for sale

Europe, Malta
Minimum number of directors – 1 A 6/7 return on income tax paid (at a rate of 35%) reduces the effective tax rate to less than 5%. Returns are guaranteed and paid by the Department of Internal Revenue to shareholders 14 days after the application is submitted. Date of registration of the company – 12/22/16…

Ready-made company in Malta with Gaming License and bank accounts for sale

Europe, Malta
Unique opportunity to purchase company with Malta Gaming License. In 2011 year readymade company in Malta obtained B2C – Gaming Service License: Type 1 – games of chance played against the house, the outcome of which is determined by a random number generator. This type includes casino type games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker…

Types of shelf companies in Malta

  1. Limited liability companies (LLCs).

This category is divided into private or public companies. A public company is able to trade shares on the Malta Stock Exchange. It must have at least 2 directors and a secretary. Private firms cannot sell shares to members of the public, which can be a maximum of 50 people. But such companies are in demand, as they can work even with one shareholder.

  1. Holding and trading companies.

Such companies may also be public or private. The purchase of a holding makes it possible to work with shares and assets of other companies both in the territory of the jurisdiction and abroad. Trading firms can also conduct various business in Malta and beyond. They may advise clients, provide financial service range, trade or work with investments.

  1. Partnerships.

According to local law basis, there are general – en nom collectif – and limited – en commandite – partnerships in Malta. They differ mainly in the number of participating partners. A general partnership is a company in which all partners have unlimited liability, which guarantees the obligations of the partnership. In a limited partnership, there is a division into full and limited partners. The former also bears unlimited liability, while the liability of the latter depends entirely on the contribution.

How to buy a shelf company in Malta

Since Malta is a well-known international financial center, but is not considered an offshore zone, opening a company here is beneficial for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Buying a company in this country is quite simple, especially if you use the help of our specialists who know all the nuances of the company re-registration procedure.

Buying a ready-made company in Malta is a process that must be carried out according to the algorithm, in compliance with any law and all regulations in force in the country. Only in this case will it be possible to quickly and correctly fill out all the document lists, draw up an agreement and re-register the company for a new owner. To become the owner of a ready-made company, it is not necessary to have Maltese citizenship. One shareholder has the right to immediately also be a director.

Our specialists will accompany you at every stage of this process, becoming your reliable allies in the process of buying a ready-made enterprise. We also offer qualified assistance in opening companies in offshore jurisdictions.

Document list and requirements

To purchase a registered Maltese company, you will need the following list of basic documents:

  • first you need to contact the current owner. Perhaps, after a preliminary assessment of the enterprise, it will be necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to receive other information, for example, data on the financial condition of the company;
  • after confirming the legality of the establishment of the company and assessing its condition, you need to draw up a letter of intent, indicating how interested you are in buying this company;
  • when a comprehensive analysis is carried out, it is possible to draw up a primary contract for the sale of assets or shares;
  • in conclusion, it is necessary to draw up the minutes of the Board of Directors to complete the transaction for the purchase of assets and shares.

The procedure for acquiring a ready-made company in Malta

The specialists of our company offer professional service range in the field of acquiring ready-made companies or opening new ones in different countries. Experienced lawyers will help you open a bank account, obtain licenses and permits, etc. We have been working in this industry for many years and have managed to establish ourselves as the best. Our credo is fast, high quality and honest. You will receive first-class services at competitive prices.

You will also have a preliminary consultation, during which our specialist will help you choose the most suitable option for a ready-made enterprise in accordance with your budget and requirements.

Taxation in Malta

Entrepreneurs who want to become owners of a ready-made Maltese company need to know about the country’s tax system:

  • income tax is 35%, but if you conduct your main business abroad, you can get a refund of up to 30% of the amounts paid;
  • VAT is 18%;
  • value added tax is 18%;
  • zero tax on royalties and dividends.

How much does a ready-made company in Malta cost?

The price of the entire process of re-registration of a ready-made enterprise, as well as additional services that will be provided by our specialists, is calculated for each client individually. You will receive a full calculation of the final amount immediately before the start of cooperation. At the same time, our professionals calculate everything with the maximum optimization of your budget.

What is included in the cost of services

Experienced lawyers and managers of our company have been working in the field of company formation and licensing for many years, so they have extensive experience and knowledge. We provide qualified assistance to both novice investors and businessmen who open new branches and companies in different jurisdictions. We will help you register from scratch or buy a ready-made company in Malta or another country quickly and profitably.

  1. Assistance in selecting the right company for each client.
  2. Submission of documents for licensing and additional permits.
  3. Bank and merchant account opening.
  4. Completion and submission of all required documents to regulatory authorities.
  5. An extensive list of corporate services: selection and registration of an office, search and hiring of personnel, preparation of reports, etc.
  6. Full support of clients at all stages of the process of re-registration of the company.
  7. Consultations on all related issues.

The specialists of our company are focused on high-quality and effective results. We give a guarantee of loyalty and respect to each client. You can be sure that buying a ready-made company with us is profitable and fast.

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