Eternity Law International News Company registration in Hong Kong

Company registration in Hong Kong

October 6, 2020
Registration cost 3. 100 Eur
Company renewal cost 2. 800 Eur
Directors number 1
Corporate tax 16.50 %
Registered share capital 0.00
Mandatory reporting requirements Yes

General information as for company registration in Hong Kong

  • Company type – Limited Company
  •  Company registration period – from 1 to 2 days
  • The Hong Kong Company registry is the governing body;
  • Companies are regulated under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 1984;
  • Legislation: modern offshore legislation;
  • Legal system: common law;
  • Corporate taxation: there are no taxes on income earned outside Hong Kong;
  • Accessibility of records: there is a public register, but it is possible to use a nominee service;
  • Time zone: GMT +8
  • Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

Registered capital

  • Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
  • Standard share capital: No
  • Minimum: 1 HKD

Shareholders, directors and authorized persons of the Hong Kong company

  • The minimum number of shareholders is 1
  • The minimum number of directors is 1
  • Local office requirement: No
  • Requirement to appoint a company secretary: Yes

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Hong Kong offshore company reporting

  • Requirement to appoint an auditor: Yes
  • Reporting requirement: Yes
  • Account accessibility: No
  • Financial reporting requirements: Yes

Documents for registering an offshore company in Hong Kong

  • Certified copy of a valid passport (or national ID)
  • Certified proof of address – utility bill (not more than 3 months) in English (or its translation)

Interesting facts about the company in Hong Kong

Taxation of Hong Kong companies is based on the source and not on the place of incorporation of the company. As long as the Hong Kong company does not do business in Hong Kong, and does not generate any income from sources in Hong Kong, the company will not be subject to Hong Kong corporate tax.

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory on China’s southern coast of the Pearl River and the South China Sea. It has an area of ​​1104 km2 and shares its northern border with Guangdong province of mainland China.

Hong Kong is home to about 7.2 million people. Hong Kong is one of the most populous cities in the world.

Until 1997, Hong Kong was under British jurisdiction, however, as a result of negotiations between China and the United Kingdom, Hong Kong was transferred to the People’s Republic of China, so that the latter became a special administrative region of China with a high degree of autonomy in accordance with the principle of one country, two systems.

The area has become a major world trade and financial center. The 45th largest economy in the world, Hong Kong is ranked top 10 in GDP per capita.

Hong Kong company registration procedure

We will register a company in Hong Kong after receipt of the client’s KYC documents (a copy of the passport and proof of address issued within the last 3 months) and a description of the proposed economic activity, and after verification by our legal department.

Offshore company status in Hong Kong

A Limited Company in Hong Kong will be required to pay taxes in Hong Kong in following cases:

  • It has its premises in Hong Kong and recruits staff;
  • The company is partially or fully managed in Hong Kong;
  • The client base is located in Hong Kong;
  • The company’s suppliers are located in Hong Kong;
  • The material for sale is located in Hong Kong.

If your company does not meet any of the conditions, at the request of the customer, Eternity Law International will submit the appropriate set of documents to obtain the offshore status of your company. Once the tax authority agrees with this status, it will be valid for three to four years. It should be noted that since Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region, it is perfectly acceptable to do business with China without being taxed.

Trade restrictions for Hong Kong companies

Limited Hong Kong companies cannot engage in banking or insurance activities, as well as list their shares for public sale.

Restrictions in names

When registering a company in Hong Kong, you cannot reserve the company name, you can only check if the name you want to register is free. A Limited company in Hong Kong must end in “Limited”. Prohibited names include names of companies already registered, names that include any reference to criminal acts or acts that interfere with the public interest, as well as names that appear to be associated with any government agency in Hong Kong, such as “Department”, “Government”, “Commission”, “Bureau”, “Federation”, “Council”, and “Authority”.

Language of corporate documents of Hong Kong company

Chinese and English

If you need to register an offshore company in Hong Kong, our specialists will help you to register a company in Hong Kong quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can buy a ready-made company in Hong Kong. Write to us in the CRM form and we will help you.

Eternity Law International specialists will provide you with qualified advice on the acquisition of an offshore company, opening a bank account in any jurisdiction, as well as further support of your company’s activities at any stage.

We offer ready-made European and offshore companies. It takes 2 days to reissue documents for new owners.

If you have any questions or need advice on registering or buying a company, call us at the phone numbers listed on the website, or write to us in the CRM form located at the bottom of the page. Our specialists will answer you online.

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