Company registration in the Caymans

An offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands is an opportunity to bring your business to an international level in the shortest possible time. Caymans are a prestigious jurisdiction that was one of the first to register foreign companies. That is why many global corporations have established their offices here. The banking sector and the nature of offshore services are priority structures for government agencies.

It is possible to create an enterprise in the Caymans remotely, while the process does not take much time and does not require a painstaking study of all the laws of the jurisdiction in order to detect bureaucratic tricks and various confusing provisions.

Cayman jurisdiction

The Cayman Islands do not set capital limits for offshore companies, but it is recommended that its amount be about $ 50 thousand. One individual can register a company in cooperation with a nominee shareholder and director. There are so-called “exempt organizations” within the jurisdiction, which are allowed to conduct business outside the islands, while using a zero rate.

Companies can issue bearer shares and choose a name in any of the languages. It is important that the name is not associated with government agencies – neither directly nor indirectly. When the name is entered into the register, it will be translated into English.

Restrictions for Cayman companies

The following are prohibited by the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands:

  • obtaining loans from residents;
  • engage in activities that are related to the insurance field, financial and banking field, if a special license has not been obtained for this;
  • real estate can only be rented – purchase is prohibited;
  • carry out trade operations within the islands.

Pros and benefits of Caymanian jurisdiction

  • Maintaining confidentiality. The disclosure of data is punishable by up to 2 years in prison.
  • Zero rate for tax duties.
  • Developed banking and legal system.
  • Availability of various types of securities – registered, preferred, etc.
  • There is no need to keep records and conduct audits.
  • Comprehensive support from government agencies.
  • Flexible legislative base.

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