Company registration in Montenegro

Compared to other European countries, Montenegro offers the easiest conditions for opening a company. The country seeks to attract foreign investors, therefore it is trying to create a favorable economic and regulatory framework for external entrepreneurs.

Benefits of company establishing in Montenegro

  • The crime rate in Montenegro is quite low.
  • Favorable atmosphere for investment activities. Foreign investors are not allowed to engage in only certain types of activities, namely, the production and sale of weapons, business in the territories close to the state border, or within the national protected areas.
  • An opportunity to expand international relations and establish international contacts.

The most popular lines of business in Montenegro are as follows:

  • hotel business, since this country enjoys a fairly high interest among tourists;
  • restaurant activities;
  • the scope of services (transport rental, excursion business, etc.).

The creation of an organization on the territory of Montenegro makes it possible to obtain a residence permit in a legal way.

Organizational forms for companies in Montenegro

  • Private entrepreneurship – Entrepreneur.
  • A partnership on whose members unlimited liability is imposed, or a partnership of a simple type – OD.
  • Limited liability partnership or limited partnership – KD.
  • JSC.
  • LLC – in Montenegro it is DOO.
  • Branch of a foreign company.

Foreign entrepreneurs most often choose LLC for their company.

Tax system

Regardless of residence, all legal entities pay tax at the same rate. A fee of 9% is paid on profits.

In addition, the following tax rates and duties apply in Montenegro:

  • registration fee – 10 euros for LLC and 50 euros for JSC;
  • VAT is 17%, provided that the company’s annual turnover exceeds 18 thousand euros;
  • income is taxed at a rate of 9%.

Non-resident investors pay the same tax duties and enjoy the same tax guarantees as Montenegrin entrepreneurs. Thanks to such conditions, the competitiveness of businessmen in the international market is increasing. The activities of the company, which does not pay taxes, will soon be terminated by state authorities.

A company with a turnover of more than 18,000 euros is required to obtain a VAT number. The export of goods is subject to a zero rate for VAT.

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