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Company registration on Jersey

October 6, 2020
The cost of registration 2 840.00 EUR
The cost of renewal 1 525.00 EUR
Number of Directors 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Paid up capital 0.00
Requirements for mandatory reporting No

One of the most popular and prestigious offshore financial centers is Jersey Island. This is the largest island that is part of the Channel Islands.

The lack of financial control and any other financial constraints creates favorable conditions for the creation of new companies here. To register a company on an island, you need to do a certain amount of work, and most importantly, it must comply with all rules and standards and must be within the legal field.

Register a new company in all the rules will help the flagship of this business – the company Eternity Law International. It is a leader among a multitude of organizations that are engaged in remote registration of offshore companies, provide qualified advice, and also provide many other services in this field.

Registration of companies in Jersey and its benefits

Enterprise accounting has the following benefits:

– the company receives tax exemption status;
– State support is provided for the conduct of international business;
– minimum financial expenses of the company for annual support;
– there is no financial control;
– stable political situation;
– authority at the international level.

Taxation and accounting

All tax deductions are replaced by a license fee, which has a fixed rate. Regardless of the amount of the authorized capital of an offshore company, the annual fee is £ 600.

All profits earned on the island of Jersey are declared at a 30% rate. Profits earned outside Jersey are subject to recovery at a rate of between 0.5% and 2%.

Offshore companies are required to maintain accounting and provide annual accounting, despite the fact that the island is missing, as such, a mandatory financial audit.


– the name of an offshore company should not be associated with the names of well-known corporations;
– companies are allowed to have one director, but at the same time he must be an individual;
– the secretary is allowed to be any person other than the director;
– annual meetings of founders are held in Jersey, the first of which are organized after the first one and a half years from the date of registration of the company;
– the presence of two or more shareholders at the head of the company;
– It is allowed to issue only registered shares.

What will Eternity Law International help client?

First of all, it is a reliable support and assistant for registration and customer service in any part of the world.

An alternative to registering offshore companies may be the purchase of a ready-made company. What are the advantages in buying a ready-made offshore company:

– immediately after the purchase, the company transfers to the management of the new owner, and all the necessary documents have already been prepared for shipment in full;
– the opportunity to engage in commercial activities immediately after the purchase;
– the cost of purchasing a ready-made company is practically the same as the cost of registering a new company if the client uses a nominal service;
– large selection of offshore firms;
– All companies are 100% transparent due to the absence of bank accounts.

Services provided by Eternity Law International:

– Remote registration of companies.
– Quality service.
– Assistance in secretarial services.
– Accounting. Reporting, auditing, provision of ready-made reports to tax services.
– Assigning addresses both registration and legal.
– Notarization of a package of documents, apostille.
– Providing expert assistance in obtaining licenses and certificates.
– Support when connecting payment systems, opening a bank account.

All employees of Eternity Law International are professionals in their field. Having addressed, the client will receive the qualified help from consultation of experts before acquisition of the offshore company in the mildest terms without loss of quality.

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