Bank account for casino

The specialists of our company have developed a full range of services for the registration of gambling companies in offshore zones and EU countries in those jurisdictions in which the gambling business is allowed.

Our turnkey casino opening package includes the cost of opening a bank account for casinos, which can be done immediately after launching the site with online sweepstakes. Our specialists will help you with the procedure of registering a company and registering additional bank accounts.

Also, you can order the opening of a bank account for an existing company.


The activities of gambling establishments often include participants from different countries, which provides for the possibility of depositing currencies of different countries. Therefore, the gambling beneficiaries are allowed to have several accounts in different banks.

This allows you to more effectively conduct financial affairs and secure their case of an emergency. When applying for opening an account, you need to take this fact into account.

When you make an account, you need to take into account the legislation of the country in whose territory the bank is located, and the country where the enterprise is registered. For example, in some countries at the legislative level it is forbidden to open an account for gambling institutions in banks that belong to the financial system of other countries.

There are several important points when choosing a bank to which you plan to entrust your money.

Optimization of financial resources. Despite the fact that for current accounts there is no interest accrual, we have to pay for banking services. Our specialists will help you choose the best option.

When choosing a credit and financial structure, consider options such as the timing of opening an account, components of a package of necessary documentation, the ability to manage an online deposit, the minimum amount of the account balance and so on.

The necessary package of permits for the beneficiary. Banks set their own requirements and conditions for a candidate to open an account. At this stage, there are many pitfalls. Understand the nuances and choose the best option from several of the most acceptable options for banking structures will help lawyers of our company.

This will significantly save your time and protect you from possible problems in the future.


Only legal entities can open bank accounts for casino activities. The list of permits includes:

– constituent documents of the company, including extracts from the minutes of the meetings of the founders, the statute, etc.;
– documents confirming the identity of the founders, including documentation of the place of residence;
– certificates of the financial condition of the enterprise and its participants (for example, accounting documentation).

Qualitatively and quickly prepare the necessary list of documents will help specialists of our company. We also provide full support of the entire process and advice on current issues. To save time and save yourself from the red tape, call us or leave a request on the site.

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