Ready Forex Broker in Mauritius

Ready Forex Broker in Mauritius

Mauritius is a jurisdiction popular among those wishing to establish Forex company. For businesspersons, this is a rather profitable solution, since flexible and loyal conditions are set there, which allows you to start a commercial way in shortest possible time, while not being burdened with large financial costs. No matter what jurisdiction we are talking about, opening a company, especially one related to brokerage direction, is a laborious and complex procedure. A ready Forex broker in Mauritius will be the best option in terms of saving time and own resources.

Benefits of acquiring a Forex firm in Mauritius

Organizations and investors who intend creating a commercial Forex project in Mauritius and conducting officially authorized activities can count on the following privileges and enjoy the following advantages of the jurisdiction:

  • dynamic economic environment;
  • the country acts as a kind of commercial platform for cooperation between Africa and Asia;
  • strict confidentiality demands being mandatory for all members of financial community;
  • compliant conditions for establishing and registering;
  • Mauritius does not have foreign exchange controls;
  • as for the initial capital of company, demands for it are set to minimum, which is essential advantage of this jurisdiction;
  • if a Forex license is obtained by a non-resident, this gives him the right to be exempt from paying taxes;
  • the state enjoys certain benefits that it gives the work of respected international audit organizations on its territory;
  • infrastructure with a high level of development.

Available licenses types

FX broker operating in Mauritius must get a permit. In particular, the following types of licenses are available:

  • the company receives the status of an investment dealer without underwriting – the initial capital is about 250 thousand dollars; STP/A-Book activity model;
  • the firm has the same status, but including underwriting – the capital is 25 thousand dollars; Market Maker/B-Book activity model.

By purchasing a ready-made Forex broker in Mauritius, you get the right to carry out following operations.

  1. Act as an intermediary in transactions with securities.
  2. Trading as a principal with the intention to resell securities to residents.
  3. Provide advice on issues related to investments.
  4. Manage investment portfolios.
  5. All services falling under the Forex category.

Among other things, the repatriation of capital and dividends there isn’t tax-paid.

FX company in Mauritius for sale is an option available to the entrepreneur in order to help save their own resources and open a business quickly and without problems. The specialists working with these transactions are well versed in the nuances of legal environment of the jurisdiction, which will help you avoid additional difficulties.

Feel free to contact our specialists if you’re interested in establishing Forex firm in Mauritius.

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