Eternity Law International News Dubai- business hub of the 21st century

Dubai- business hub of the 21st century

September 18, 2023

Unlocking Business Opportunities in the UAE: A Comprehensive Guide to Commencing Your Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Initiating a business venture within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has undergone a profound transformation, courtesy of the groundbreaking Bashr service, instituted by the UAE Government. This seamlessly integrated eService has heralded a new epoch for entrepreneurs, conferring upon them the remarkable capacity to establish their commercial enterprises in a mere 15 minutes through an integrated digital platform. This avant-garde platform intricately interconnects federal and local government entities, rendering it a singular destination for the panoply of commercial licensing requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we shall embark on an intricate exploration of the multifaceted avenues available for commencing a business in the UAE, whether one’s proclivity gravitates toward a Free-Zone, Mainland, or Low-tax zone establishment.

Businesses for sale in Dubai

PSP in Dubai for sale

Asia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Payment & E-Money Institutions
The payment field service provider offers customers special online services through which they can accept electronic payments through various methods, including credit cards. As a rule, this structure is provided as a SaaS model – software as a service, and creates one payment gateway for consumers (in this role is the seller), capable of accepting…

UAE Company with bank account for sale

Asia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
LLC in Sharjah Media Ciry (SHAMS). Established in 05.2018. bank account in Emirates NBD activity: IT, programming, advertising visa credit: 2 visa Price: 19 900€ LLC in partnership with an UAE citizen. Established in 02.2018 bank account in Emirates Islamic Bank activity: building, contracting company type: LLC (in partnership with an UAE citizen) the company has…

Ready-made company in UAE with trading license and bank account for sale

Asia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Below you can see the information regarding the ready-made company in UAE with trading license and bank account for sale Ready-made company in UAE – whats included: Ready-made company in DMCC for sale, registered in 2020; Company has a diamond trading license; Company has opened bank account in Dubai; License allows import and export diamonds…

Free-Zone: Fostering Entrepreneurial Aspirations

For those entrepreneurs with a global outlook, the Free Zones in the UAE beckon with their unique appeal. These specialized zones proffer a spectrum of incentives meticulously crafted to allure foreign investors and burgeoning start-ups:

  • Absolute Foreign Ownership: In Free Zones, entrepreneurs can retain full ownership of their enterprises, obviating the necessity for a local sponsor.
  • Tax Advantages: Enterprises domiciled within Free Zones frequently enjoy a suite of tax privileges, including the remission of import-export duties and personal income tax.
  • Streamlined Procedures: The inception of a business entity within a Free Zone has been refined to a fine art, courtesy of the Bashr service. This digital portal expedites the entirety of the process, affording entrepreneurs the expeditious acquisition of their commercial licenses.
  • Global Connectivity: Many Free Zones strategically nestle in proximity to major ports and airports, facilitating the seamless circulation of goods and services both regionally and globally.
  • Specialized Enclaves: Depending on one’s industry, an array of specialized Free Zones, tailored to specific sectors such as technology, logistics, finance, and more, are available for selection.

Mainland: Embracing Domestic Market Potential

Entrepreneurs who aspire to capitalize on the thriving domestic market of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) frequently choose to establish their businesses in the Mainland region. One of the key advantages of this choice is the convenience provided by the Abu Dhabi Business Centre, which offers an instant licensing service. This forward-thinking approach eliminates the need for entrepreneurs to physically visit a service center, streamlining the entire process. The result is a rapid and highly efficient start for budding enterprises.

Opting for the Mainland not only facilitates a swift business setup but also grants entrepreneurs unrestricted access to the entirety of the UAE market, without any geographical constraints. This opens up a plethora of opportunities across diverse sectors, including trade, retail, construction, and services. The landscape is indeed fertile for astute entrepreneurs who are keen to explore and seize the abundant prospects that abound in this dynamic market.

Low-tax Zone: Pioneering the Dubai Virtual Commercial City (VCC)

The UAE’s unwavering commitment to ascending the echelons of global business eminence extends an open invitation to international entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking to establish a virtual company through the Dubai Virtual Commercial City (VCC) program. Conceived and inaugurated by the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, this avant-garde initiative embodies the UAE’s forward-thinking approach to business advancement:

  • Global Outreach: The VCC program beckons individuals from every corner of the globe, regardless of their geographic location, to establish commercial entities within the UAE. This pioneering program harnesses the transformative potential of technology, engendering an environment conducive to global entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Diverse Prospects: The VCC program invites entrepreneurs from diverse sectors, spanning tech startups to creative freelancers, proffering an environment conducive to innovation and the catalyzation of business growth.

Embarking on a Traditional Business Journey: A Methodical Roadmap

While the Bashr service and its digitally streamlined analogues offer a swift avenue for business commencement in the UAE, astute entrepreneurs may be inclined toward a more hands-on approach. Below, we delineate the pivotal steps involved in initiating a business venture through traditional means:

  • The foundational element of the entire procedure revolves around the identification of a business activity, a pivotal decision that subsequently dictates the necessary legal structure and licensing category. Given the vast array of more than 2,000 business activities accessible in the UAE, exercising astute judgment becomes of utmost significance.
  • Selecting the Legal Form: The legal structure of your enterprise must intricately align with your specific requirements. The UAE proffers a diverse array of legal structures, each replete with its own regulatory framework and advantages.
  • Registering Your Trade Name: The nomenclature under which your enterprise operates holds profound significance, serving as the vanguard of brand identity and reflecting the core essence of your business. Stringent adherence to pertinent regulations, avoidance of moral transgressions, and alignment with your chosen business activity are de rigueur.
  • Obtaining Initial Approval: The preliminary endorsement signifies the UAE Government’s acquiescence to the establishment of your business within the country. Foreign investors may necessitate approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs before securing this initial imprimatur.
  • The submission of either a Memorandum of Association (MoA) or a Local Service Agent Agreement (LSA) is compulsory, contingent upon the specific legal framework you select for your enterprise. These documents assume paramount importance within a spectrum of diverse business legal structures.


The commencement of a business venture in the UAE unveils a trajectory brimming with untold opportunities. Whether one avails themselves of the expeditious online services epitomized by Bashr or opts for the classical route, the UAE stands poised to embrace them. Equipped with judicious selection of the right business activity, legal structure, and trade name, entrepreneurs can embark on a transformative journey within a country celebrated for its dynamic and fertile business milieu.
Whether one is enticed by the allure of Free Zones, the operational ease of the Mainland, or the innovative prospects of the Dubai VCC, the UAE extends an open invitation. The nation’s business-friendly policies and steadfast commitment to fostering entrepreneurial endeavors serve as resounding affirmations of its status as a veritable global business haven. The entrepreneurial odyssey commences here, promising to be as rewarding as it is transformative.

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