Valuation and business-modeling

Valuation and business modeling. Transparent, legally formalized and legally correct transactions are the backbone of business. After all, each participant in the relationship wants to be confident in a particular client, corporate agreements, regulatory requirements in accounting.

For a large number of firms (international or national), the process of confirming the valuation of assets and liabilities has recently become difficult and painstaking.

Company employees will help:

  1. assess and analyze the advantages of companies, assess priorities in the investment field;
  2. find inappropriate company resources;
  3. find solutions and create a plan to increase the value of capital and assets of the firm.


The specialists of our company are engaged in an integrated approach to solving business modeling issues.

They identify which assets are irrational and find solutions to these problems; engage in strategic goals in creating and supporting building a quality and acceptable business. The main task is to create and operate an effective business model.


Our company offers comprehensive services related to business modeling: from asset valuation to full transaction support. Specialists improve the financial aspects of the issue by controlling the sale procedures and reduce violations.

Main services provided:

  1. analysis, assessment, building a business model;
  2. carrying out comprehensive financial audits of the company;
  3. selection of potential buyers, cooperation and discussion of key points of transactions;
  4. fiscal (tax) design;
  5. full-fledged structuring;
  6. study of costs and mutually reinforcing results.

The specialists of the Eternity Law Internationa company will help in solving large and small problems: business valuation, accounting and taxation, financial audits related to valuation.